Any cool pepakura stuff here!

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Hello im looking for something good that i can make from pepakura. Mostly helmet and armour.
Any type of genre realy. robot, space age, medevil, modern. anythin.....


You can post pics of some pepeakra stuff. Your finished pepakura stuff. Your pepakura stuff in production. Anythin realy.
haruhi Pepakura <3 <3 <3

No, I'm not allowed to post it, everytime I post it somewhere, I get emails threatening I am invading copywrites and will be sued unless taken down... sorry :/

Other than that though, theres really no armor made of pep besdies iron man, and some samus aran, all other is already made or halo related.

Besides, this could have gone into the pep forum.

Even though they may not be pepakura, it' still papercraft...

Same thing, except you cant scale it and it has textures.

Kim possible

Pikachu <3

Shrimp/blowfish papercraft

Hone yand colver <3

These are all easy to make and can be done in 1 day or 2 depending on how long you work on them, usually papercraft in general having textures, you just match up the textures and glue the tabs, usually the main piece of the body is big, you just glue the tab to the piece ontop of it, not sure how hard kimpossible is, but pikachu was easy, I also have link from the wind waker if you want.
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