The Importance of Communication

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I have lots on my mind that I want to talk about. So I'm just gonna break it down to parts.

1) How we talk to one another.
We don't have to be friends with everyone in the 405th community, would be cool though, but that doesn't excuse the fact that when we say certain things, it comes off as legitimately rude. Maybe even condescending. I feel like some member in this community are too egotistical for their own good. Some people think their way of doing things is better so they ignore any sort of suggestions or callouts. Or maybe some people will just say "You're wrong" without giving any reason to why they think the way they do.
I once asked a car question, but the "answer" I got felt condescending and was not straight forward. They had to beat around the bushes and answer with a question.
I don't care how aggressive you approach me, I see it as you being hostile, and I can't have a conversation with any of you.
I might've said some things in the past on Discord that may have upset some individuals. I'm sorry. It wasn't out of malice. I just care about working safely. Speaking of which, that's my next topic.

2) Safety

I value safety over production. Quality over quantity. I work at a facility where working safely is important to everyone. Every day at my work place, we'll have RnR to discuss what's going on around the lab. We'd also discuss different types of safety. The discussions we have about safety aren't just for work, it's also to see how we do things at home. Are we complacent at our job, etc.
For example, hand safety seems to a common thing that pops up at work during weekly safety meeting calls. A lot of people think: "I've cut this piece done this without cut resistant gloves, it's fine." Or, "I've used this tool before, I won't need cut resistant gloves." something like that.
Another example I can give is when I'm cutting foam with a break-off knife. I've cut myself before, even while I had my eyes on task. some cuts you have to do are awkward to do! So I'd rather protect my hands than protect my ego. I say that because I think when some people start saying "I've done foam smithing for a long time and never needed cut resistant gloves. I have more experience with this." That makes me think you're talking with your ego and you're likely being complacent. That or you're not setting a good example for new cosplayers.
Every time I see a discussion about safety, I've never seen a single time where someone mentions hand safety. It was always about protecting your face and your head. I don't think I've ever seen anyone discuss tool safety. There may have been someone saying "so-and-so tool is scary to use," but that was it. The conversation never continued to what about it seemed scary or how to use it so it'll be less scary. I'm guilty of finding a fast solution, but that got some folks mad apparently.

3) Lack of helpful tutorials
I haven't been making any armor in a super long time. I'm probably out of practice. That's ok. I've been busy with life, and hanging out with better friends.
Anyway, I feel like some "tutorials" I've came across are not as good as Andrew DFT's tutorials he did on YouTube. I say that because the way he explains how to cut and shape pieces are more clear and to the point. The ones I came across on here are, from my point of view, are either too complicated to follow, or it doesn't make sense for what they're doing. So I lose interest or don't bother with the convoluted info.
I want to learn how to build an ODST/Recon armor, but I'm always directed to the convoluted tutorials. Or someone doesn't really want to help and just lazily say "ThErE aRe PleNtY oF TutoRiALs oN tHe ForUms." Again, most of them are convoluted or the process doesn't quite make sense to me. Or, I only grab one small info out of the whole thing.

4) Final Thoughts
I don't want to hate anyone, but unfortunately I have done that. All of which for different reasons. I wish the community could be better than when I left the Discord. I'm still here on the forums because I want to see improvements (the forums, and on Discord). Don't get me wrong, I myself can also do better. I'm working on it.
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