Any Sugestions?

What Gun?

  • carbine

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  • flamer

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  • fuel rod cannon

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  • brute shot

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I am going to start off making a gun I just wanted to know what you guys thought I should start with. And please let me know why you think that.
Dude, so totally make the Carbine. That would look amazing. Although, if you made the fuel rod cannon, you could add crazy awesome green and blue're decision! You're project! Lol, I just want to hear every single step to it!!! Dude, that would be awesome. Good luck with what ever you choose!
I think the Rocket Launcher would be freaking awesome! You gotta post some pics on whichever you choose!
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I've seen to many rocket launchers so I don't think I'll do that. I have seen a lot of people on this forum talk about making a flamer so it is kinda odd that no one has realy voted for it yet.
Realy? Hmmmm mabye I should do that to show how good i am at making stuff. Oh and by the way there is no more rocket launcher option.
I say fuel rod cannon or flamethrower. No one has ever made those before I don't think.
That's true. But I have seen one although it was in progress. I don't even think it's finished yet... I'll check for you.

EDIT: Found it.
Yes but I would most likely be using some paintball peices and parts that way I could shoot pbs out o' it.
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