Anybody want their spartan cosplay drawn?


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I'm a digital artist.
I won't claim to be perfect or anything, just an artist. That's it.
But I want to practice small details and reflective surfaces... the problem is... I have really bad art block XD

SO.... I was thinking maybe I could draw you guy's spartans? Spartans have a lot of details and multiple different types of reflective surfaces (chrome visor, glossy armor, etc.)

I know I could just draw my own spartan... but that wouldn't be as fun as drawing my friends and fellow halo fans!

So... if u want me to draw your spartan oc... post a picture of them in this thread (it can be a cosplay or just a screenshot of your spartan in game) and ill reply with my art of them when it's finished!

I cant guarantee that I'll get to every single person that responds but I'll try my best to do a lot :)

You may also leave a bit of information about them...
Like their personality, favorite weapon etc.
And I will encorperate that into their pose when I draw them

Edit: to be clear, this is for practicing, not a full commission so it's free :)
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Would love to see what you can do! Good luck and thank you for this opportunity!

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