Anyone else collecting the Halo 5 McFarlane figures?


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Had the day off yesterday, so I finally got around to picking up the Halo 5: Guardians McFarlane figures. Ended up driving about 40 miles round trip, and made like 6 stops to get what I have now. The pickings were pretty slim lol.


For the Series 1 I have Chief, Kelly, Locke, and Tanaka. I still need Fred and the yelkow/black Athlon.


I was however able to get 3 of the 4 exclusive figures.....the blue/white Athlon from Walgreens, Spartan Technician from TRU, and the helmetless Locke from Gamestop. I just need find a Target that has their exclusive "Centurion", since none of the ones near me have it. If it comes to it, I'll buy online.


And I also grabbed the 2014 Edition cloaked Master Chief. And took the cloak off to compare the 2 Chiefs. The coloring is a bit different, as well as the battle damage is now gone for the new figure. There are a few differences in the undersuit as well, particularly in the cod and rear armor.


Overall, I'm pretty impressed with them, quality is pretty good, and they will be a perfect addition to my empty shelf. I will be hopefully getting Fred and the regular Athlon today, as I found a store that has them. Then to find the Centurion.

If anyone else has or collects the figures, post them up!



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i bought my friend a unhelmeted spartan locke because he got me a halo book soo i kind of did but it looked like it was really nice quality


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I'm collecting McFarlane figures... I have 99% of the Halo 4 line - only Cortana missing and I'm not going to buy her because he looked ugly as hell. v_v
The Halo 5 line looks VERY promising and I'm already waiting for Series 2...
Although, I'm not getting repaints (like exclusives, etc) unless I really like the figure or armor.
Aaand... Sometimes I make custom figures like changing, customizing or repainting.