Anyone have pepakura printouts pages?


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Since I have a Mac at the moment, does anyone have their page exports? I want to try this out on normal paper to see how it works. Basically making a miniature pepakura model of MC.


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just to say, bad idea, the mc helm itself has 200+ folds. normal size is good, but too much smaller is too difficult

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doesn't matter, most people use regular letter sized 8.5x11
But you could use A4 or a bigger size if you've got a plotter.

I wouldn't attempt a mini-cheif pepakura unless you've completed something equivelant to a Bandai Perfect Grade 1/60 model and plan to spend almost as long on it as one of those or a regular set of paper armor.

Is there some reason pepakura won't run on a Mac?


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that stinks that it won't run for a mac. I love Macs, just there isn't as much software or computer games for it :evil:

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Can someone PLEASE :please: put up some pepakura printout pages. My brother wont let me download the program so can someone put up some print outs...Please.


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The problem with printouts is they aren't really adjustable. Your armor will be whatever size is saved and if your a small person, they most certainly won't fit.

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Isn't there a program called Box OS or something that lets you run different OS at the same time. I've got a friend that uses it to run Windows programs on his Mac.