Appearance Request - Orange, CA - Parade - May 4th

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405th Regiment Officer
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Hi folks,

We had a formal request for appearance at the Orange County Parade. Details below. Please let me know if you want to attend.

Event Name
Orange Chamber of Commerce May Parade

Event Website
Orange May Parade

Event Venue
Old Towne Orange

Venue Address
Old Towne Plaza
Orange CA 92866

Approximate Number of Attendees

Event Description
The Parade is a tradition in Orange since 1933. The route is approximately now mile through Old Towne Orange. This is loosely Star Wars themed as it is on May 4th.

May 4, 2024

Start Time
Parade starts at 10:00. Participants arrive around 9:00 and are finished by noon.

End Date
May 4, 2024

End Time
12:00 ish

Number of 405th Members Requested
Enough to make an impression!

Can you provide a secure changing room/staging area to accommodate costumed attendees?

Will you provide free entry to event for 405th members and handlers?

Please list any other amenities you are willing to offer our volunteers (food, water, etc.)

Request Description
We would like a costumed group to march in the parade to make our "Halo fan" citizens happy and excited to see you.
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