April Fools HALO MOVIE Prank : (

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Halo movie reseurected, Lions Gate Films to Fund and Distribute.


Despite several roadblocks and a change of studios, it nonetheless appears that the movie based on Microsoft’s popular Halo game series is back on track. Fans had been disappointed when the project was put on hiatus following several studios backing out from the project in October 2006.

Lions Gate Films, the studio responsible for the distribution of 2005’s Alone in the Dark, has stepped up to fund and distribute the film, now scheduled for a tentative release in Summer 2008. Though casting is not yet finalized, insiders have informed us that Steve Downes is currently in negotiations for the lead role of the Master Chief.

We have also learned that the film now has a tentative title, Fall of Reach. This may suggest that the film’s plotline will follow that of Eric Nylund’s eponymous 2001 novel, which was the first of three such novels. This also indicates a departure from the screenplay that has already been penned by Alex Garland, better known for writing the screenplay for 2002’s 28 Days Later.

Look, I'm praying that this ain't an April fools joke, it doesn't seem to be. Just unfortunate that the details came out today, April Fools Day.
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They've got it on their front page, I don't think it's a joke....(he said with his fingers crossed)


They're playing with fire here if they're kidding. Man, Halo fans are gonna be pi55ed if this is their idea of an April Fools Day joke.

Edit: I'm not finding much about this story anywhere else. I'll keep looking for corroborating evidence.

Man, I hate April 1st. :mad:
Don't get your hopes too high, remember what day it is..

If the story pans out thats great, but if not I know one website thats gonna get more hatemail about their April Fools prank than all the others combined.

Come this is a April fool joke, there is no company in the world that would announce realy things on a SUNDAY and the first of April.

But....i still hope its true....i really do!
Sorry everybody, it was a AFD 'joke' apparently.

I didn't find it very funny. Some jokes are funny, some are just awkward and cruel. I have to say though that I was skeptical from the get go..... In my opinion this isn't something to joke about.

HBO has this to say:

Foolish Fansites
It seems that every year, people have trouble figuring out which April Fools stories are true, and which are not. (We don't help very much; we intersperse regular Halo news bits with April Fools stories as they come in, and rarely draw attention to the fact that they may or may not be real.) For anyone still scratching their head, here's the word on yesterday's news stories, from first to last (start at the bottom and work your way up): true, true, true, true, false, false, true, true, false, false, false, false, true, true. And that's all I have to say about that. (Louis Wu 10:50:11 UTC) (permalink)

Sunday's news in brief:

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Well if you can show me how, its done, and with me alle of my halo buddys! :mumble: :slap: :gun2: :gun1: :shifty ninja:
Well, most AFD pranks are kinda tongue-in-cheek, y'know...obvious so that not too many people will believe it and afterward get angry about being fooled.

This was written credibly, contained no obvious spoilers, and was put up on their front page. This is Film Spot blatantly taking a jab at Halo fans. Not a very good joke to begin with.

Say what you want about April Fools Day, but this was just insulting to the scores of people who are waiting anxiously to hear of new developments in the Halo movie effort, and tremendously irresponsible for ANY website to do. If you've seen Red's list of AFD jokes in the general discussion http://mjolnirarmor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1260 you'll note that none of them are nearly as bold as this 'attack' on anxious Halo fans.

So like I said I think we should let then know that this wasn't something to joke about....

You can leave feedback for them in their forum section here: http://www.filmspot.com/forums/show_topics.php?board_id=128

or go straight to the source, Filmspot is owned by CNET. Heres a list of their public relations contacts covering their media coverage division: http://www.cnetnetworks.com/press/prcontacts.php
I believe that the Jean Doody is the person who handles FilmSpot as an extension of GameSpot.

What jerks.... film nerds picking on Halo fans.... thats ridiculous.
Lets storm their office in Mjolnir Armor. That's be a hell of a lot funnier prank!!!!

We can throw some flash bang grenades and push over computers. They'd never know who was who, or where we can from. That'd make me laugh.
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