Aprl fools jokes

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Post one's you find.

Blizzard Introduces the Tinfoil Hat

Ultimate Firefox extension

tattoos for toddlers

Scientists have developed a technology that can retrieve sounds and conversations that get recorded in the walls around us.

2 from google
http://www.google.com/tisp/ - click on links

watch out

Sealand, a steel platform, to bid for Olympics in 2016

Random Crap for $1,000,001.00 (see front page for full details)

Multiple fake 'Geek Toys'

1st Update for The Lord of the Rings Online

office pranks:

hmm, even one of our own

MY FAVORITE (open in IE and Firefox)
notice anything?
Bungie's was surprisingly lame. But whatever.

I don't have Firefox, so what's the last thing on that list?

Not funny :mrgreen:
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bungie never had one... that's the funny part.

yeah IE, Moz thing switched is pretty cool.
Adam, I think some people are missing the whole joke you played. Ah well, I still got Pyro and a couple of my friends with that one. :mrgreen:
Ahhhhhh... Just downloaded Mozilla, and got the lat one... hehe...

Oh, and Bungie, did have one, it just sucked and was really obvious. something about a Pimps at Sea movie...

(And Firefox has spell checking in replies like this? Sweeeeeeeet)
(And Firefox has spell checking in replies like this? Sweeeeeeeet)

Yep, and it can tell you how many spelling mistakes you have made in previous posts. :lindsey:
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I have to congratulate you, Adam, on what is undoubtably the best April Fool's Joke I've seen in quite a few years. Very thought-out, ingenious, and multilayered. :bow:
in all seriousness, I've done much better ones on some of my other sites.
OK i have to post this, ok tonight we were having people over and so noone locks their car and stuff because no one steals around here. and so this guy named mike is like 40 but he acts like he is 15 for some reason. He got in someones car and turned the air on all the way and the radio all the way up and on the rock station and turned their window wippers on, then got out. So when everyone was leaving we wated for them and they got in and were wavign bye and then everything went boom and lound rock music was on and he was like holy crap!!!!!! then his wife was like ok who did it and they blamed it on us becuase we where standing there laughing, but it was all good, so go do this to someone its funny. --- woah long post.
umm well i just found this when i was looking for a killzone wallpaper, i would buy some hehehehheh http://www.gamewallpapers.com/


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