Aqua-Resin: Non-Toxic Body Filler/Resin Alternative


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Hey, all, so sorry if this is the incorrect forum to post this in but as someone who is passionate about cosplay making safety, I wanted to share it everywhere I could!
A while ago while talking about alternatives to notoriously noxious materials such as fiberglass resin and bondo to a propmaster on films, he mentioned "Aqua-Resin". I sat on it for a few years until I finally got around to trying some. I live in a 720sq/ft apartment with limited ventilation options and two cats who cannot exactly put on respirators so the concept was quite appealing.

I ended up going with the Putty W kit, which can be mixed to any desired consistency (no precise ratios! just vibes!) and can even be sculpted but I used it as a body filler ala Bondo for a 3D printed helmet.

Bruh, it's fantastic! It sets up relatively quickly but no faster or more out of control than bondo does. Mix a little at a time. Almost no smell, at least not any more than a water based paint. Cleaned up easily with water.
Cures hard, sands easily.

Whenever I get around to painting the helmet and all I'll try to remember to update. And if I try any of the other products. The website looks sketchy but from experience it's kinda standard for niche film industry products, lol, but some stores in more industry-heavy US states carry it. I ordered direct from the site with no issues, however. I'd really like to see how the resin/clear coat cures and works out because it would be a game changer for people making pepakura armor especially.

This post is NOT sponsored, I do not represent Aqua-Resin at all. Like I said, I'm just someone who is excited about making sure hobbyists and cosplayers have quality, safe options to work with. Here is the main site store, though they have other products you can buy through other distributors (under "Products": AQUA•RESIN / STORE


(edit: helmet is PLA Professional in Space Grey from Overture3D)
Cleaned up easily with water.

How is it after its 'cured' if it gets wet again? I tried some model shop putty. that was water clean up. Great to use. Non-toxic and all of that. Was great. And then came to realize that even after days of drying/hardening/curing that once it got wet it rehydrated and was soft again. Ruled it out for anything that would be out in the world and get rained on, like cosplay. Great for its intended indoor use on model kits though.

Reading that its a 2 part mix gives some hope that it is actually thermodynamic curing so won't soften afterwards.
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