are there any musicians here on the 405th

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ojrtega said:
I play the alto sax and the flute.

you play alto too ha im probrably better :p

MC PwN 3R said:
E flat Alto Sax, wished i could play the tenor and the trumpet...
and the chinese fiddle...u know, the Erhu.

ha another alto lol we will pwn with are musical badassness
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I used to play guitar in a Hardcore Band Called I am the brute squad , but we disbanded.
But now im vocalist for a Death metalcore band Called The Surgery Massacre
thisismadness2 said:
am i the only bass player...i got a black Ibanez GSR series 200 with 3 battery active pickups for amazing sound......its kinda my baby

I play Bass. im killer at Playing Bass. Im working on making a band still need a drummer and we havnt figured out the vocals. (y)
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I'm a drummer :D and I play guitar hero, (like 3 times)
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Been playing Piano for about 5 years. did violin for 2 years, still can, and i play Bass guitar. I also know 3 chords on the Acoustic guitar :p . Can sing mostly on tune :p
Dude, we should form a band and go across the nation playing songs from halo in spartan armors and other stuff like that LOL.
SpArtan-270 said:
Dude, we should form a band and go across the nation playing songs from halo in spartan armors and other stuff like that LOL.
I'm all for that! :lol:
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ecose said:
sorry for the double post but i really want to know
i play the bass(commonly known as the "trigger") trombone, i am third chair in the school and i am in the top band.

boosha (y)

i also play the guiar(gutar hero)lol
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I have been a druumer for a long time. I have come in first place in two talent show. And I came in 2nd place in Guitar Centers local drum off last year. I own a custom drum set that ahs a little bit of everything
I play drums, have a Gretsch drum set... I sing in rock band and pwn Iron Maidon on Expert, I play Guitar hero on Expert... I play piano by ear, I quit violin last year because mine became to small and I couldn't afford a new one, I am learning to play my brothers base... I am starting a ... band
ecose said:
i play the e-flat alto saxophone.... im first chair in the top band .... in the whole school im first chair out of 14... :cool:

are there any other musicians out there.... just wanna know

geez is there anyone here that is a musician.... i fell lonely :(

same here dude. what brand of reed are you playing on? for me, on Cancert Bands, i use Brancher Classic #3's and for Jazz, i use Vandoren ZZ #3's. I still have a student model E-flat Sax (YAS-23) but i upgraded the mouthpiece from a black plastic to a Yaganisawa Metal Mouthpiece. Saving up for a Keilworth Shadow.

Dont know what im talking about? Clikez Herez The guy there knows preety much all the good stuff for Saxophones.

Did you know theres a mini sax called a Sopranino? its a smaller version of a curved Soprano. check it out at the site too.
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I studied ethnomusicology and play Shamisen (badly) and a little Ghu-Zheng (had to sell it though :( ), I played baroque guitar for about 10 years, but havnt played in about 5, My main musical hobby is electronic/computer tracked stuff these days, I like writing neuro and tech step mainly. distorted squares with multiple LFO's FTW!
Ive been playing the Bass Guitar for a few years now and for like a year when i was 12 years old i used to play at a bar with a bunch of my dads friends, I used to also sing professionally, and i played the violin for 4 years. (y)
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