Ares' Recruiting Poster(s)

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MC Chris

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I'm Liking what i'm seeing :mrgreen: nice design

I think you meant visit exotic Locations, then Kill exotic locals (thanks for noticing Blue)

Sarge Christi

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I made one really really fast. :mrgreen:

We need an advertisment to on video:

"Before I joined the 405th, I was a terrible wimp. All the guys at school picked on me and the covenant laughed when I came to stop them. Then I joined the 405th and my life changed! Now, I do the picking upon others and laugh at the covenant cowering in fear! Thanks 405th! :mrgreen: "

Sean Bradley

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Not to burst any bubbles, but we should probably move away from using images that Microsofts owns... maybe you can convince Adam to take a pics with his armor on in that same pose and revise your recruiting poster..

Since we make armor, we should be showing that off, rather than images taken from Halo 3's marketing campaign...
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