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I'm almost done building my armor(which has to be done by Friday evening!). I have problem though: I need strong enough magnets to put in the weapons and my armor to hold them on my back/thigh. Please help me out here!

I need to know:the BRAND, the QUALITY, the PLACE TO BUY THEM, and the COST.

So please give me a hand... :)
Magnets are expensive, I would use velcro, a 2-3 inch strip of industrial strength velcro should work, I doubt anyone will notice the velcro on the weapons, magnets just wouldnt work, they would have the peice swinging around constantly.
Only problem is the velcro on the back of the armor itself.....welll yeah.....

And another problem is the weight of the weapon may be too heavy for armor with just 1-2 coats of resin and glass, I coated my armor with 2 resin outside, 1 inside, fiberglass, then resin over the glass, and the armor is still flexible in some areas, it isnt flexy, but with say 20 pounds of force pushing on, it will slightly bend, so a gun hanging on for a long period of time may warp the armor, I may also say you might want to use something like a guitar strap, or normal straps, such as hot gluing the strap on the side of the gun, then when hanging around your armor, attach the other ends.

1. attach plastic 2 way clip onto gun.
2. take the 2 way strap and hook them to the gun
3. wear it
4. to take off, just squeeze and pull off.

A clean approach for the armor and gun. (by straps I mean straps like in shopping carts for small kids, those things, you can buy them at the home depot/lowes.)

I was too lazy to photoshop something nice, so I made it in paint :D
The strongest magnets are in your computer, they make your hard drive spin, I've almost lost a finger when playing with them because they are that strong, too strong for armor, taking these magnets apart take tons of force, enough to warp and crack your armor, the straps or velcro is a better idea
Smaller disc-shaped Neodynium magnets would work. VERY strong for their size.

Best bet is to put a magnet or two in your armour, then add a strip of steel (or some other ferrous metal) to your replica weapon for the magnets to catch.
the only downside I see to this magnet and velcro is tugging the armor, which would make it warp, even hanging the gun on the armor will make it warp over time, I suggest the strap idea, have a clip on the back and straps when you need to hang it around your shoulder
If you find that magnets are too strong, you can always limit their strength by putting a layer of something between them.
As I see it, the challenges for this concept are:
- ensuring the magnets don't tear out of their mountings -- bed them in epoxy
- ensure that unholstering the weapon doesn't pull the armor off your body -- reinforce connections of strapping to your body and stapping to the armor
- and of course [ as AoBfrost said] reinforce the armor to carry the additional weight of the weapon

be aware of the wear and tear that repeated holster/unholstering will do to armor and weapon prop -- paint, chips, dings etc...

Another idea may be to mount a plastic or metal clip similar to those used on modern folding pocket knives. They even use this method on real pistols: Clipdraw.

good luck
Wow, everyone of these ideas are good...

I'm thinking about using velcro for a while and when I go back to improve my armor I will get the magnets.

Or just use supermagnet to clip your weapon rifle like this example:

In the thight piece of the armor, I don't have piuc but I can explain it, make a hole where you can put a magnet. Or just glue it to the back.
This is only for Magnum and SMG.

For an Assault Rifle, at your backpiece, in the middle box, use VERY STRONG supermagnet. Add one to your AR so, you'll be like John-117 in the game :p

If you put the magnets in the right spots, and remote places where only the AR itself touches the armor, you might be able to get away with it.

It would be very hard, and would require strong magnets, but could work.
Has anybody thought of the potential problems you'd have with superpowerful magnets in your armour at conventions.?

Sticking to metal barriers/railings. Wiping cash points harddrives, other cons attendee's cash or credit cards.?
I do know that some members of the 501st got that idea too, especially with the attaching the vader dome to the mask. They reported getting migrain headaches, and feeling queasey after a short time. I would carefully check out the health impacts of using magnets. I dont know what it does to you, but I havent heard anything good about it. Ihavent seen anyone using magnets at all in the 501st, at all. so that might tell you something

One of the major risks is if your standing next to someone who has a pacemaker, and you dont know it, you can cuase it to shut down.
ehh, I'd just get a Covenant weapon and clip it on your belt

or.... you could use plastic connectors...
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