Have you checked to see if they are available through Amazon?
Yeah. There is nothing on any European Amazon. I checked eBay too and everything from Sterilite is from US only and shipping is incredibly expensive (tote 70$ and shipping like 250$).
So that's why I'm asking if anyone knows any European alternatives. Wouldn't want to buy a tote and after landing find out it's broken or worse - parts of costume got lost because of that.
I can vouch for the sterilite footlocker. I've fit my entire ODST (armor & soft gear) minus my helmet inside along with the prop I'm holding, about 2 days of clothes, and toiletries.
So far it's been to and from 4 cons so far in both Canada and the US, 2 flying, 2 driving and it's held up very well with minimal scratches on the armor (knock on wood).
Don't forget to add the little descriptor on the top! It helps to show it's cosplay and not actual weapons/body armor.
I "finished" up my crate recently and took some pictures before packing it away. (until the next time I need it)

This is one of the large Husky rolling tool boxes - Link



This is perfect for transporting my entire printed MKVI suit to anywhere drivable. However, this would not work well for flying as it is large and heavy. (I want to see if I can find some of the smaller ones that Asgardianhammer linked in the first post so I could fly with it if I really wanted)

Edit: The name and regiment plates were ordered through Dark Star (Link). The UNSC Logo was cut from vinyl with my wife's machine.
This thread is kick ass! I didn't realize that this was a thing. I have a new project for the stream now and do you have stencils per chance? Thanks
These look great!, will definitely be looking into this!
My current boxing solution is... less than ideal


^Rubbermade bin that's probably as old as I am
I love this idea! Gonna make one of these ASAP ^-^
Maybe I'll look in on some other plastic totes as well, for pricing or convenience comparisons.
Ill definitely be buying some of these totes in order to protect and transport my gear from now on. I showed up day one to the Halo WCS in Seattle with nothing but a cardboard box :rolleyes:.Next day after seeing everyone else have theres properly secured I ran to target and got a 40 gallon tote that better held my stuff. Tax season is gonna be my best friend real soon XD.
I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t even remotely thought about protecting my armor in travel. Thank you so much for sharing this. Looks like I’ll have to get one here soon for my ODST kit
Oooh. Those totes to bring and be able to transport whole costume even when traveling with air plane? That's amazing.
My question tho - Sterilite is available only in US. Anyone have perhaps any recommendations for durable totes that could survive air-plane transport and such and are available in Europe?
If you are still looking for something like the sterilite boxes just look up foot lockers to see what is available in the EU. You might be able to find something from one of the military suppliers cause I know family members of mine have purchased them while travelling and deployed under other names like gorilla box
Hopefully not derailing too much, but I noticed on the info cards it mentions no prop weapons in the case. If that's the case, how do y'all transport your prop weapons? Mail them in advance? And would there be any issues with traveling with a prop weapon in the case as well? I've checked TSA's rules and I haven't seen anything that would prohibit a clearly nonfunctional prop from flying checked, but I'm curious on the experience of those that have done it already.

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