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It's taking some time but here is what I have done so far.


Chest Plate






That's all for now But I am working on every off day I have to get it done by Halo 3 Launch
wow, looks like you've done alot so far. I just started yesterday too, but all I have is the hands sculpted out of clay and some cardboard.
well I only have 2 days off a week so I have to get alot done in that short amount of time, Plus I can only work until my daughter gets out of school. Problem is that that leads to alot of trial and error. You should see the big pile of mess in the Game room from all my mistakes.

Would love to see the hands you made though I haven't got down to those yet.
Wow! Amazing job! I would start making my own, but I still have too much stuff to finish as it is! Overall, wicked job! :mrgreen:
Well as good as it looks I just tried it on for size and it looks like my rush to do all that in two days = forgetting the most important rule. Measure!!! I eyeballed all the piecies to a shirt of mine and to a bike helmet, so today I will start laying out all the stuff on poster for a mor acurate measurement. I may be able to salvage some of this stuff but the chest is a little small. Looks good on my wife though.

The good news about this is that I am going to transfer all my drawings into adobe so I may have templates to share when I am done. I have decided to use a new method of building the pieces up ontop of themselves and then I will harden with bondo, and vac. then combine pieces w/bondo and paint.
please let me know if this is a good method.
you should use 1st fiberglass resin then bondo it too...make it smooth..the resin well make it hard
Measure Twice

been a while since i posted on this. Here is what i've been up to.

Created the following life size drawings in photoshop. Maybe they will help you guys with your armor too.







pm me if you want a copy of the full sized images in adobe format.
So I actually got some real work done besides just templating this week. Check out those gauntlets. Ewwwwww Baby




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