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  • Thank You for accepting my friend request. Im a fan of your work. I have also added the face palm props on facebook. Thanks. Im working on building my armor at this time. :) =blue
    hi ben i was having trouble downloading the ultimate ironman helmet and chest piece. Is there anyway you could reupload it?
    hey Ben, luv the Tuts you post man.
    I was wondering if you had an official tut on casting "Vytafoam" (your Vytaflex-Foam combo method). You visualy introduced it during your "Helmet from pep to finish" tuts. but I can't find an actual tutorial on how to do this. I know that a tut would be much apprechiated and well recieved by the community.

    I saw the shin you made and instantly thaught, if you sandwiched a small amount of "shell shock plastic" between the vytaflex and foamit it would be even more durable and remain solid in the areas that needed to be sloid. Of course you wouldnt need to apply the shell shock all over, but only in the low-stress and fairly flat areas. So that when your armor is poked, bumped, squeezed, or touched it would not temperarley calaps or warp.
    Hello Ben,
    Just can't find ultimate iron man files unfolded. The links from 405th are all broken. Could you please send me?


    Tks a lot man.
    I'm very interesting in Ultimate Ironman full armor. Can you send it to me? I want to fix and mod for pepakura.
    email : a1_cia415@hotmail.com
    hey man, love all your work. Ive watched every video you made about mother molds and i need some advice please. if u could go to my Steel Thread and take a look at my hammer. how should i go about demolding that. i use the Smooth-on dragon skin. its pretty strong but i don't think i can stretch it over the hole where my shaft will be. should i cut the dragon skin into a two part mold? im afraid if i cut the dragon skin it will tear more than i want it to. thank you for listening and any help you give will be taken to heart have a nice day
    in your vacuum forming tutorial video i was wondering where you can get the plastic that you used and how much it might cost
    Mr. Streeper,

    I have to say your videos really help i would have to say thanks (which I couldn't say it enough).I guessI will get to the point now, I haven't been able to get my armor set up like the "human model" you show in your scaling tutorial. That would be the only thing I seem to be having problems figuring out and since your videos are so eazy to followI was wondering if you could explain how to do the "human model" technique. Sorry I'm new and thanks again Mr. Streeper. Killer B
    Hey Ben, my name's Rich. I love the foam tutorials you have up! I just bought foam to start my own, and I was wondering if there were going to be any more videos going up in the near future, especially one pertaining to filling in lines and smoothing. Thanks a lot man, and keep up the great work!
    Happy birthday! I don't know you personally because im new to the 405th but Ive watched most of your video tuts. your videos are what made me believe that I could conceiveably become an active member of this community and also make an awesome set of armor!
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