attaching a camera inside the helmet

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I've bought a 3D model of the gungnir helmet off of etsy. Sliced it up to fit onto my ender 3 and attached pegs+pegholes to make the helmet easier to assemble via meshmixer. I'm trying to figure out how to attach the raspberry pi camera through the peep hole along with the raspberry pi + mini display into the helmet. Like some kind of pseudo VR head set. Please if you have any suggestions, Thank You.

You could model in some posts to insert some brass inserts into to then screw the camera module in place behind the peep hole (an easy way to do this might be to take a model for a pi camera mount and put it in place with some boolean operations).
For the pi and display, you could do basically the same. Either add posts do directly screw the components to the helmet, or add some to screw on a additional frame that the pi, display and lenses are mounted to (this would probably be the better option as it should make it easier to work on the hardware or swap something, as you can just take out that frame and only have the ribbon cable to the camera attached).
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