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batman concept

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Shonen, May 9, 2018.

  1. Shonen

    Shonen Jr Member

    hello peps.
    i start to learn a little of 3d model in blender.
    i see a batman concept figure from play arts and i want to star a build base on that concept
    810-bm-sparta.jpg , 817-bm-sparta.jpg

    here is what i have at the moment . the helmet..

    i do some extra work on the helmet ... i change the front piece and the cheeks
    batximus.png , batximus2.png , batximus3.png
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  2. Benton188


    Dude, this looks awesome! I'd say you definitely have a good understanding of Blender if you can make something like this. I'm in awe!
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  3. Shonen

    Shonen Jr Member

    here a little work on the ears, i move it forward and more details on the side screw...

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  4. Shonen

    Shonen Jr Member

    I manage to do some work on the shield and spear head

    BATSHILD.png spear.png
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  5. Haneduumelon

    Haneduumelon New Member

    uhmmm i know this one's out of the topic but... do you have GUNDAM ASTRAY RED FRAME FILE for COSPLAY?

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