Best fiberglass?

Fiberglass mat

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Digital Demise

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Do you think fiberglass mat or cloth is better for use in the construction of pep armor?

Personally I use mat although it does seem as if it may be easier to use cloth do to its "cloth" like durability.
If you use something else please post.

As a side question I was wondering if a coat or two of spray-on resin could possibly be better than a clear coat finish on my armor?
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I still want to hear what you have to say please post
Mat is more flexible, yet really messy.
Cloth is less flexible, wee bit more expensive, and not that messy.
The choice is yours. Do you take the blue pill or the red pill. lol I've always wanted to say that.
I use matt. its stronger especally when all youv got as a base is pepakura and foam. as for bending, before u mix ur resin tack the matt to the pepakura with pins so it dosent move around on u. u can always pull the pins out when its dry
i use bondo, the fiberglass cloth is exactly the same price as the cloth. the mat is thicker but i wouldnt suggest it for armor
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