Best prices on Mannequins ever!

Sean Bradley

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For anybody who's looking for a mannequin for sculpting/displaying your armor, I found this when cleaning up some catalogs at work. I've NEVER seen mannequins being sold at these prices! $119 - $140 for NEW, full size mannequins.

I'll be getting one for sculpting armor and underarmor and displaying my suit when it's not in use.


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Nice prices. But i've gotten lucky on eBay. Last one I bought was around $55+$35 shipping. I say "bought" because I have a better plan that has worked. Find a clothing store that is going out of business, ask for mannequins. I got 2 free full-size including heads this way. :lindsey:

Sean Bradley

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Adam; I think the specs for each mannequin are listed on the individual pages. I don't know about shipping though. I just found this this morning.

Red: Thats totally cool that you managed to find some deals. I've been trying to find one locally here for about 6 years though, with no luck. I've actually had store managers laugh in my face when I've asked. So this is deal is really attractive to me.

honest insanity

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I went to a local Target store and just told them i was doing some projects for school (which was true) and i got a spare headless mannequin :). Some stores are pretty nice; it doesnt hurt to ask.