Better glue to attach padding foam to 3D print? MIC


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Looking for some suggestions on a better glue to attach this high-density foam padding to my 3D printed armor. In my haste to get this armor done last year, I simply used hot glue to get it all wearable, however I'm going back to it to fix some issues and generally reinforce problem areas. Hot glue worked ok for a bit, but this piece in particular is pulling away from the 3D printed shell, partly due to friction, partly due to the concave shape.

2024-01-19 14.24.31.jpg

2024-01-19 14.24.40.jpg

Any suggestions for getting better attachment? Note that this foam is all padding and is in direct contact with my body, so it does receive a fair amount of friction and movement, so strength is fairly key. I couldn't find a lot of relevant results when searching since anything mentioning foam almost always leads back to EVA foam, so any insight and suggestions are appreciated!
I have uses E6000 and Shoe Goo to attach foam like that as padding in some costumes and helmets.

Something else is due to the longer time those glues take to set up, I would set something that would press on the foam, but not completely compress it, as you don't want it glued into a compressed fashion, like you might get with clamps. I've used mostly empty cans of spray paint, books, DVDs, anything with enough weight to hold the foam in place, but not compression it flat so it loses its padding ability.
I'm also a fan of the above adhesives used! Before you glue though, don't forget to rough up your print where it's being adhered with some ~100 grit sandpaper. This breaks up a smooth surface and makes it easier for the glue to "bite" in to.
I always just used contact cement on my buckets rather they be foam/resin/3d printed, they haven't came off yet, got one helmet that has the same padding since 2010

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