Big daddy, zomfg!

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Is anyone kind enough to supply a schematic, sizing, and picture of a bouncer big daddy?
As in the overall dimensions of the suit.

Also for any aspiring makers like tasty bread, please pm me if your selling any cardboard mc armour. No need to paint, resin or anything so its cheaper. If someone made a big daddy suit already thats out of cardboard and willing to sell, pm please.

The reason cardboard is because it costs less to make armour out of just cardboard, makes a more general shape, and should be cheaper.

I mean tasty bread made 50 armour. I think I can get up to 200 bucks for a suit, but I dont know. My helmet is nice, but the rest turned out shoddy, not bad, but I dont want to wear it.
The reason im not putting this in classified is for the beggining sentances, and posting twice will waste bandwidth.

If anyone can give me schematics, I could pm you a link to "The alphabet of manliness" if you dont already have it from the christmas present thread. I doubt I'll get any schematics, but meh.
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