BNHA, Destiny 2, Mera [Old Projects incl.]


405th Regiment Officer
Photos inbound!

Destiny Warlock:
(coat will be worked on all day tomorrow. Forecast called for rain, so I got everything painted tonight instead.)
I added the old bond to show a difference of how two years of practicing with costumes will yield improved results. My projects are far from perfect, but the bond, I had to see it to really let it sink in. Finally seeing the wings painted makes me so happy. No more rainbow colours :D
21191147_10154603649501230_233662252_o.jpg 21191157_10154603620251230_1506841316_o.jpg 21245949_10154603620346230_2046687320_o.jpg

I've been working on a quick side project for Shiro - giving him wings :lol:
The reason? To stand out in a very, very, large crowd. Bonus, the blue Voltron symbol glows in the dark!
21191223_10154603620111230_2065649297_o.jpg21191294_10154603620136230_1875462048_o.jpg 21191054_10154603620176230_1647145420_o.jpg

- I should be able to pick up Luna's dress from the seamstress tomorrow. I'm hoping, or else there will be no room for further alterations before I leave for DragonCon. My fingers are crossed that she was able to mend it without another test-fit...I'm getting a little worried, lol. :confused:


405th Regiment Officer
Dragon*Con was so....unexpected this year. Still a lot of fun meeting up with old and new friends. Especially being able to join in on the 405th dinner. (Third time's the charm!)

For the first time ever, I was able to take part in 3 photoshoot gatherings, and get professional photos of my Voltron costume. (I never know how to pose as I'm shy and always behind a camera myself, so I gave the photographer full reigns to do whatever) :lol:
There's more to come, and my warlock will be an on-going process over the next 6 months. I have to stitch everything as all the adhesive tape is starting to come undone from the wear-and-tear, and heat of Atlanta.

21742314_10155748917816457_1817764271_o.jpg Voltron.jpg

The warlock wings got destroyed from TSA least the clear orbs, scratches everywhere, and it was just a disaster upon picking up my luggage at the ATL airport with the main zipper completely undone. They didn't have the courtesy to put the lock back on. :confused:

One of the wings got ripped right off my back too as I was walking to the Halo photoshoot. They were secured with neoprene magnets, guerilla glue, and hot glue. This guy didn't have a care in the world...oh well. Since Destiny 2 is out and I unlocked the armour piece, I'll most likely craft the wings from scratch again, but with lighter materials and on a smaller scale.

On a positive note, my fears over the FFXV dress were put to rest once I arrived at DragonCon. I got the dress back two days before flying out, and was still worried about the fit. Turned out I was able to wear it much longer than anticipated. It was still very comfortable despite the material being satin.

Lunafreya.jpg 21755016_10154644182606230_307459680_o.jpg Destiny 2.jpg -> with Jemkadetchy as Cayde-6, and his girlfriend as a Titan. It's ridiculous how much footage I have of him dancing. It was so great to witness.

A random person found me Saturday evening and asked why I wasn't still dressed as Cortana...I did not realize my face was that recognizable in my warlock getup, lol. She proved to be quite popular despite only being in the parade, so I may need to wear more Halo next year. And this kid dressed as the Didact was awesome. He's going places with future builds.. :cool:
Cortana x Didact.jpg

For anyone wanting: I'll link my Dragon*Con video below, and later, in the original post. It's 7 minutes long, but the second half is mostly 405th fun and Destiny dancing. (I may combine these with last year's videos that never saw the light of day...) Don't feel obligated to watch it all either. I need to reconfigure my camera's settings as most of the video tends to look 'grainy', well, to me at least. It's not as high quality as last year's due to me juggling costume props and a camera. :D

If you do happen to watch, I hope you enjoy it for what it is. Next year I'll get back on track with proper recordings.

After all the work I put into my warlock so far, I wasn't proud of it, yet I still felt accomplished for getting the base coat and wings functional to wear.
All 3 costumes will be altered and enhanced over the next year for full completion. If anything, I hope I'm able to help inspire some of you along with the elite members to continue to learn and remain positive throughout your own builds. None of my costumes are perfect, but to spend a weekend with good friends is all that matters. :love:


405th Regiment Officer

Calgary Expo:

The following projects involving foam wouldn't even be possible without all the resources I'm looked through over the years here on the 405th. So, Thank You to everyone who shares their builds and ideas for bringing their craft to life! I'm still learning after two years, yet the foam tutorials saved me for tackling all these projects below. (I'll craft another Halo costume soon, promise...)

2018 has been a busy year, convention-wise & crafting! (I'm slowly getting the hang of these videos too!)
Starting off with Calgary Expo 2018, simply put, it was a blast!! It was my first big Canadian convention next to Orillia, and to be able to meet so many new faces and locals from the forums, I had no shortage of fun.
Costumes showcased: Cortana (H4), Lunafreya (Kingsglaive outfit from Final Fantasy 15)
31961461_10156146117961070_7817138463550996480_n.jpg IMG_5094.JPG IMG_5118.JPG
(Also had the privilege to work with Viper 466 on a photoshoot)

DragonCon 2018 was crazy...
I knocked out my Osiris (Destiny 2) build in two days. Never again.
The helmet was free-handed without templates - only image references, the Sagira Ghost shell was 3D printed by a friend, and the warlock gauntlets were craft foam, metallic string, and TranspART worbla.
I used a plain black shirt and made the belt/skirt part out of leftover fabric I already owned. I plan to fully complete this costume after the pain I went through to get this far LOL
IMG_7002.JPG IMG_7028.JPG

(My Hero Academia: )

Bakugo's outfit (grenades and everything) was crafted within 5 days after spending months researching how to craft those gauntlets. (I downloaded templates from iWood Cosplay & followed his tutorials on YouTube, although using contact cement for the first time proved to be challenging, hence all the mismatched grid pieces...)
I wanted to be a bit more flashy, so I used orange silk for the shirt 'X', & found a chameleon paint to use overtop of the green basecoat for the props. Mask is black worbla, with foam wings on the back attached via velcro for easy removable/transport. Belt grenades are 3D printed and by iWood Cosplay as well. Belt straps, boot details, pouches were all freehand using my own templates.

Fun fact: that neck piece was free-handed too. I didn't even craft a template since I was short on time!

Atlanta Fashion Police caught me Wednesday night, so enjoy my mugshot! :lol:
2018AtlantaFashionPolice0Z16J.jpg 41676313_1992704330751297_6366601452185452544_o.jpg Disappointment.png IMG_6951.JPG

Pro Hero: Hawks was a fun build (BNHA). This was the one costume that was actually fully completed near the beginning of August and wasn't rushed.
Wings are layered out of craft foam, with the brim using EVA for longer durability and wear. Headphones are a gaming brand I got off eBay as it had the right shape I was going for. Visor was commissioned, although I plan to create my own that's more accurate to the manga. To achieve the black shirt design, I also winged the stencil with fabric tape and spray-painted over it. This is something I'll be redoing for 2019.

If you have any questions on anything, feel free to ask!
(Black jacket is a casual look, photos on the right are his Hero outfit)
IMG_6964.JPG Hawks cas2.jpg HxE sitting.jpg IMG_7057.PNG

Parade banner by Lightshot.png -> got to hold the banner during this year's parade too (it's heavier than it looks!)

Upcoming 2019 projects:

I hope to continue to wear Cortana in the future, but for next summer I have my sights on The Librarian. (Got an idea to execute the headpiece, but more research is required)
Above-mentioned costumes will be revamped, and I've begun crafting a full set of wings for Hawks out of fabric/ pvc pipes.

Mera (Aquaman) will also be a project I'll be working on over the course of winter for Katsucon this coming February, as I'll be teaming up with a friend.

Have a wonderful end to 2018!

Parade banner by Lightshot.png