BNHA, Destiny 2, Mera [Old Projects incl.]

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    NEW Projects for 2019 -
    The Librarian (Halo 5) - look for a direct link under my profile for a build thread soon!
    Tsuna version Vongola Gear (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
    Mera - Aquaman (Debuting at Katsucon)
    Kyoka Jiro - BNHA (Magazine fanart version)

    (2018: will update this thread with short tutorials)

    Osiris (Destiny 2 wip)
    Bakugo Hero outfit -BNHA
    Pro Hero Hawks - BNHA


    Netflix's Voltron Legendary Defender, Destiny 2 Warlock, & FFXV

    (Scroll down for a new post on current projects --- finished costumes will be posted in the OP.)
    -Tom Clancy's The Division Dark Zone Agent
    Agent 3.png Division Agent.jpg

    DragonCon 2016 - music video
    **For more convention videos, click the link under my profile or search my YouTube: BlazedStarbonFS

    //Warning - Entering Dark Zone//
    //Transmissions jammed - proximity coverage only // Back-up activated - Systems rebooted //

    Hello everyone!
    The following build has a rather unique backstory to it as it was quickly constructed within a 9.6 hour time frame.
    You heard me; this was a speed build.

    This past weekend on Saturday, June 11th, 2016, I found out that my city was hosting Graphic Con for its second year...two days prior to the convention itself. With a 48 hour notice, friends over Xbox LIVE challenged me to a speed build - to see just what could get done within a short span of time as I mostly acquired the materials earlier in the year. This was supposed to be a side project after I completed my Halo costume, but given the simplicity of this project, I couldn't pass up the challenge despite failed previous attempts a few years ago at creating a Destiny warlock in 2 weeks. Oh, little have I learned!
    (Link to the warlock build is under my tag.)
    -Prop quality is somewhat poor, I'll admit, but was meant to appeal from a distance due to the limited time I had.

    Nevertheless, I present a mostly completed Agent based off of my character from Tom Clancy's The Division:
    *Keep in mind that all pieces will be upgraded or redone in time for Dragon*Con this year.

    As a reference, there was an action figure that was created for promotional purposes, and is quite accurate for in-game standards. I'll use this as a general referral for you all until I gather a screenshot of my character, as it shows the standard item setup that your Agent would most likely carry, as well as the brown leather 'Iconic' Division jacket.
    agent - action figure.jpg

    Left to Right:
    -Grapple hook (black), comms device (teal), and an in-game agent for prop comparison.
    The grapple hook is one-dimensional right now and constructed from 2mm craft foam. There's a bit of layering to add depth, but I was aiming for the overall shape so people would know what it was. As for the comms device....I'm not proud of it. >.<
    I ended up purchasing a dremel rotary tool which I got on sale three weeks ago for $40 at Canadian Tire. The original price was $120 and came as a 250 piece set, so I couldn't pass up the deal. Following safety precautions and directions, it was my very first time using the dremel specifically to achieve the general shape of the comms device. (The kickback on that thing is ridiculous.)
    And yes, there is my Halo pistol in all its glory resting in the background behind a cheap air rifle I found at the dollar store to strap to my go-bag. That is the one-shouldered strap bag, by the way, found at Bentley's : )
    Comms Device - Grapple hook.png Agent -.png

    Constructed from EVA foam, craft foam for the body, and covered in two layers of fabric (cotton & reversed-yellow silk), as I could not find the thick plastic material for hazards in my fabric/craft stores. Everything was hot glued together. Working within a budget, this actually did the trick. The stencil I referenced from in-game, as well as using a more common variation for the symbol. Black acrylic paint was used then sprayed with a clear protective sealer.

    For those wondering, the extraction bag is hollow which posed many issues throughout the day as people kept bumping into me at the convention. There's a black flap located above the hazard symbol, and I'll be cutting it open in the future to reinforce the well as making it functional to add things in it for future extractions. ;)
    Velcro straps were attached to two parachute buckles, then attached to another pair of velcro straps for easy strapping onto the backpack. (More pictures of the proper strapping techniques will be uploaded later)
    IMG_1915.JPG Go-bag.jpg

    BELOW: Everything completed: extraction bag, respirator (bought and is multi-functional for spray painting and using the dremel), comms device, grapple hook, Division Agent arm band.
    The arm band was tricky as I hot glued a velcro strap to the back of an existing mini ID pouch, only to print off a proper size for the ID itself then covering it with a film/plastic protector. This will need to be redone as the badge is secured by hot glue so the logo started peeling off after a day in high humidity.

    Heh....what strapping system was used? Safety pins. With no time before the convention, I resorted to the basic of the basics followed up by a shot from my trusty glue gun. There is a dark picture of everything connected to my backpack, however, it was a massive combination of safety pins, clips, and cords. I'll upload that one later along with a full shot of the costume next weekend.
    Random note of interest - those 405th regiment stickers are fairly sturdy. I slapped one on my go-bag (seen above), and it never fell off, even with the humidity and wear throughout the day.

    Between constructing patterns, plasti-dip, and painting it all, I'd say that this was a success given the time frame.

    Ultimately, this was fun and tiring to complete on such short notice, but it was oh so worth it! I had a few people ask for pictures, and even ran into two other Division Agents. Sadly, I didn't get a picture with them, although they didn't believe me that I had made all of this the night before the convention :p
    It was funny because what I was lacking in equipment, they donned, yet what they lacked in props, I made up for it. The one guy had initially walked past me, only to turn around and holler at his buddy to notify him that they found another Agent. So.....I had to get in character and posed with the 'surrender' animation by placing both arms in the air. Needless to say, it caused a few people to stop and watch the outcome...only for the first Agent to go rogue on me before they had to leave. LOL

    Anyway, this is the product of my weekend and I look forward to upgrading it throughout the summer.
    Stay positive, and proactive!

    //Now leaving Dark Zone //

    Agent -.png

    agent - action figure.jpg




    Comms Device - Grapple hook.png
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    That extraction bag is sick man. Looks great.

    There was at least one division cosplayer ad one watchdogs cosplayer at the comicpalooza last weekend. That stuff looks great in the mix of fantasy characters. They blend in really well.
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    First up is Dreamworks' [Netflix] Voltron Legendary Defender.
    Character: Takashi Shirogane aka Shiro, Space Dad, Black Paladin Shiro.jpg
    Honestly, that show has taken over my life.... :love:

    This costume has taken up most of my time within the past week as I attempted to complete it before GraphicCon today. Alas, I'd rather not rush through crucial components and do it right. Below are progress photos up to where I'm currently at with the project.

    The vest is complete minus the grey stripes on the sides. The yellow reflector bits will be redone properly, those are just place-holders for now. There's three layers to the shirt; black turtleneck for the collar, grey shirt which will be altered for the sleeves, and the vest. Everything was hand sewn and the undershirt was heavily altered for the collar to cater to fit with the vest. The black and grey shirt I already owned, and the vest was a polyester sleeveless top I found at a thrift store. I cut the sides and front so it could be sewn to have a more fitted look, and can be tucked into pants like the character.
    19074850_10154389012971230_1955623901_o.jpg 19095818_10154389013176230_412925396_o.jpg 19095883_10154389013316230_571249346_o.jpg

    To further save money, I found a zipper long enough that I already owned, sewed it on, and hid it behind sticky-back velcro straps that are glued to a silver-like ribbon. From there, each velcro side was sewn onto the vest for added durability without the fear of it falling off from weather elements. As of now, the yellow highlighters were just pieces of craft foam covered with leftover yellow satin from my Division costume.
    19105272_10154389012411230_443220192_o.jpg 18947239_10154389011711230_13605384_o.jpg 19022632_10154389011751230_1950507642_o.jpg 19072937_10154389011476230_1096236152_o.jpg

    Wig: Classic Jaguar in Silver from Arda Wigs Canada
    This was my first attempt to dye a wig....lesson learned.
    My first attempt didn't hold the black AT ALL. Product used: Rit Liquid Dye in Black
    I took a gamble, and instead, I was left with a grey-ish lavender colour. I'll admit, it looked beautiful, but still wanted to do this character justice by staying as true to everything as I can. Have I mentioned that I won't be creating a buzz cut? This will be a female version of the least as far as the wig goes. I can't look masculine even with makeup, so the wig will be slightly long.

    19074715_10154389012176230_1917347519_o.jpg 19125436_10154389012046230_1505128890_o.jpg

    Second attempt. Product used: Rit Liquid DyeMore Synthetic Fiber Dye in Graphite
    SYNTHETIC is the key word here. This dye is specifically made for synthetic fibers and actually held to the wig after one dip in a pot of boiling water.

    Carefully sectioning parts, I was able to create a tri-colour effect to further mimic Shiro's buzz-cut look. I followed Arda's dye instructions on their website, as well as the Rit bottle both times.
    -Make sure to use a stainless steel pot or stovetop device that you don't use for cooking, as it will leave dye stains despite how careful you are. It's also important to wet the wig/fabric in cold water prior to dipping it in the dye pot, otherwise the colour won't adhere properly, or as strongly.
    -while the dye may not stain your skin due to heat, rubber gloves are highly recommended

    19096045_10154389011781230_149595757_o.jpg - a gradient of colour!

    Galra Arm / Prosthetic - IN PROGRESS

    So far I have the hand pieces complete. Everything else is stenciled, cut, and ready for molding.
    Products used: black fine art worbla, leather glove

    Patience yields focus here. The thumb has two separate pieces that can easily slide on and off, while the hand plate is attached to the palm. I had to work slowly with a heat gun to prevent burning myself. The glove conducted more heat due to the application and molding of the worbla. It took 2.5 hours for something so small because there were constant readjustments as it cooled into shape. Next step will be the forearm.
    19073221_10154389012236230_614089953_o.jpg 19074772_10154389012366230_478494214_o.jpg 19074510_10154389011866230_413499106_o.jpg

    -FFXV - Lunafreya, Prompto (depending which one is easiest to wear, will depend on which one I bring to D*Con this year.)
    I have Luna's dress, but it needs to be altered slightly for a proper zipper. Prompto is another story. I have all the materials, his vest will be a pain. Patches for days...
    ...but hey, baby chocobo! chocobo.png

    Destiny 2 - warlock
    Remember two years ago when I first attempted a warlock build? Yeah, that's happening. After watching the livestream, I decided to bring that warlock robe out of retirement (first attempt ever at hand stitching), and will spend all summer focusing on crafting an exotic armour piece prior to the game's release. This costume will take top priority this summer as I hope to debut it at DragonCon.

    More to come soon :D
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    Nice! I want to see what you Warlock robe will look like. I have started on my robe, but I'm just cutting templates/fabric/fingers RN. I want to see what you've done. Mostly just envious of your sewing skills. :p
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    Where do I even begin? :eek:

    Destiny warlock UPDATE:

    I realized that when I first created this cloak two years ago after Destiny 1's release, I never uploaded a full body shot of it. At the time, I had wanted to create the voidfang vestments, but upon watching Bungie's livestream for Destiny 2, I was sold on the exotic armour showcased.

    19686369_10154447767696230_1755877471_o.jpg 19686569_10154447768151230_621165745_o.jpg 19688600_10154447766406230_1583157567_o.jpg
    The material of the base coat was made out of blue satin, (poor choice on my part, haha). It will be overlayed with a purple polyester fabric not only to hide sewing mistakes, but to also give it structure and depth that will fit with the model design.
    The sleeves were hand sewn near the shoulders as I don't own a sewing machine, and the length of the sleeves / bottom flare was (at the time) sewn using an iron-on adhesive tape. Seriously, that stuff saves so much time. However, I messed up on the sleeves with the adhesive two years ago, so I'll be fixing that with the reverse side of the blue sating by making extended gloves shiny.
    19688216_10154447766536230_2083146455_o.jpg 19650286_10154447766131230_142763506_o.jpg

    I won't be following the game's colour scheme as their cloak is more of a dark grey and I don't quite care for it. Where it's gold, I'll be using silver metallic fabric paint. The wings themselves will more or less stay the same in the reference, and crafted out of foam and worbla.
    Because we don't have a full-scale image of the coat yet, I'll keep the bottom more simplistic for when the game is released, and add/alter as needed.

    19647957_10154447768261230_807184691_o.jpg destiny warlock.jpg warlock wings 2.jpg
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    This project may very well be the death of me...
    The dress form has worked wonders as a visual yet its smallest proportions are still a little larger than my own frame, so I've been struggling with pinning, wearing, repeat. :eek:
    On the bright side, I used that iron-on adhesive tape to create a top layer to go over the robes I currently have. This will be layer 2 of 3.

    20148643_10154495212921230_1138996516_o.jpg -base coat
    20180008_10154495213286230_1435382643_o.jpg 20187199_10154495213186230_470883263_o.jpg - second layer + base coat (I may not be doing myself a favour with 4 layers walking around in summer heat when this is finished, 2 of those layers being satin...)

    After struggling for days, I decided to see which articles of clothing I'd be willing to part with. I used an old t-shirt as a reference, only to sew the blue fabric directly on it for added support. As I near the completion of the robes, I have to keep in mind the weight and strapping system for the wings. Satin isn't all that durable on its own. I'm doing everything I can to avoid spending money on more fabric that's thicker and seeing if I can get away with what I already have. I should not be allowed to work on this late at night...this is the third top I'm destroying for costumes in a month xD
    Below is the finished vest-like section. I ended up cutting straight down the center to add a zipper as this section will be sewn directly overtop the existing robes, hopefully holding it all in place.
    The next step after I alter the back will be adding the final layer of purple. :D

    I also dyed white linen fabric (it's similar to muslin for testing), but it never turned fully black. I've been using this for the skirt of the robes in hopes to add depth and texture. The idea is to attach the purple fabric over top this, then the base coat. Also redyed parts of my Voltron wig (hiding in the background of that dye picture), to add more black.
    So far so good....still not sold on the fabric looking lavender, but I'll see what I can do.
    20133684_10154495212011230_1622458553_o.jpg 20137918_10154495211886230_210045548_o.jpg 20138132_10154495212046230_1373545459_o.jpg 20187360_10154495211976230_121531610_o.jpg

    No further pictures on the wings, but I did size them for packing purposes, scaled down a few inches, and cut out the base shape on EVA foam for one side.
    I'll also be upgrading my warlock bond from two years ago! Seal of the Twin Eagles:
    The armband will have to be redone entirely. When I wore it two years ago for Halloween, the bird pieces fell off from the wintry weather, and without Plasti Dip, the foam never held it's shape. This may be the first prop piece I ever created using craft foam. I may keep the Eagles as they are due to time constraints. I still like it.

    I bought three different types of flowers at the craft store in an attempt to recreate the iconic blossom from Final Fantasy 15. I'll be repainting it once it's assembled. There's no proper way to do this as the flower doesn't exist outside of the game, so it'll be nice to add a creative touch to it. Might even add a nest for my chocobo plushie. Oh, in case anyone's wondering, there's a photo of the dress I'll be wearing as Lunafreya. It requires alterations for the zipper, and I'll be getting it fixed in two weeks. I seem to be on a satin streak, here...
    20148658_10154495235361230_1628197102_o.jpg 20148972_10154495212081230_2088315378_o.jpg 19897514_10154482366411230_1271437128_o.jpg

    Here's a reference to the female version of Shiro I'll be going for with the wig style:
    Sadly, I don't know who the artist is as the image has been reblogged so many times.

    In terms of sewing, most of this project will rely on the adhesive tape, and reinforced with hand stitching in areas that will be abused more during wear.

    That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by :)
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    Making major headway with my warlock.

    Wings will be complete by the end of today. (Hopefully this afternoon) The bottom pieces are assembled with craft foam, now I'll be focusing on the top part. Once done, they'll be sealed with worbla. I plan to add the transparent spheres - foam is a current placeholder.

    Last night I also tested a few makeup looks for Destiny, only for it to turn back into Voltron when I tried on the wig for reference. :lol:
    I'll be trimming and styling this later. Right now, my focus is on the warlock. I'll be getting my dress for Lunafreya altered today as well. That should be exciting...I managed to snag a photo-op for D*Con with Nathan Fillion too!

    4 weeks to go! :eek:
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    I'm in dire need to stay motivated, so have a few pictures...

    The linen fabric that was dyed in the previous post has been scrapped. If I'm going to finish this, I'll be cutting a few corners. The warlock robes are proving to be more difficult than the wings themselves. So I was testing the leftover blue fabric, and started pinning it to the base coat. It looks all layered and flow-y. (Not from this angle) I like it.
    This weekend, I'll be adding the purple top layer, and may even do a gradient effect for the skirt where it's blue-purple-blue. I'm at a loss over it simply because I'm mashing two different designs from the first game, all while adding a bit of a creative touch to make it unique since we don't know what the bottom looks's still gonna look so cool though.

    Last week, my 3D printed Ghost arrived. I got a custom base colour in black, with a purple LED. My goal is to give it a paint scheme that resembles The Reef after the summer. Hell, I might spraypaint it a metallic purple to rid it of the white and orange. The size is perfect and very light-weight.
    As for the wings....they're massive. Like, I have to dismantle it in 4 sections for it to fit in a large standard-issued suitcase, massive. The orbs still need to be molded. Those might be tricky.
    20746854_10154556534211230_1138200362_o.jpg 20771865_10154556534036230_1346781666_o.jpg 20727690_10154556568346230_1667785904_o.jpg

    I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to make this week the final week to get all necessary pieces crafted by the weekend. Maybe because the warlock wings are ready for worbla? :lol:
    Back to crafting, I go....
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    Nice! That looks pretty cool. Those wings look massive! And your little light is pretty awesome. I'll probably 3D print my own sometime soon, but I have so much more that I have to do...

    As for inspiration, you can check out my Destiny 2 build as well. I'm building this robe:
    (it's the Xenos Vale IV from the Destiny 2 Beta) HERE
    I just started sewing some stuff, and it's actually been fun. You have been some inspiration.

    Do you plan on wielding a weapon of some sort?
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    mblackwell1002 I remember following your pep build of the helmet! Still looking good, as always! That D2 robe will look sick once you start! Glad I could be of some help for inspiration. It's a tough battle when you're still a novice. Practice makes perfect, right? :)

    As for weapons, due to TSA and everything else I'll be packing, I won't be creating any weapons this year. Hence the decision to get a Ghost. My hands are going to be full with camera equipment recording video anyway. If I were to have a weapon, it would be the cold-heart (D2) or Hawkmoon.
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    Well I prefer the term "n00b" But it's all the same...I guess...xD

    Yeah, I posted a pretty big update at the end of my thread about a week ago if you haven't seen it. I posted my new sleeve layers, my mock-up of the coat, my new shin armor, and my new Hood of the Exile helmet. Plus a premature suit-up. lol

    And the Coldheart certainly looks cool. I almost 3D modeled one a week or so ago when I was deciding what gun I plan on making. I settled on the RiskRunner from the D2 Beta. My favorite gun so far.
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    :D Motivation helps when you're working on projects with friends. :D

    Last night I watched a friend's livestream on Twitch while he worked on his Genji armour for DragonCon. I spent about 4 hours cutting and trimming the silver wig you'll see below. The wig is a lace-front from Arda. First time using one, but I assumed I should get going on that as it was too late in the evening to be using glue and heat guns with foam.

    I've been testing out slightly different makeup looks for my warlock. The wig itself will closely resemble the Queen of the Reef once styled, but I've also been inspired by Aria T'Loak's look from Mass Effect 2. I got feedback on Facebook, and most seem to like the first image as it stands out more.
    Warlock - makeup test.jpg Warlock - makeup test 2.jpg
    The overall look will mirror my character from Destiny 1, but it will also be a mashup of the Queen's purple tint as well.
    Lipstick: Nyx Suede cream lipstick in Foul Mouth (dark navy blue with tinge of purple)
    I may use this for Cortana instead of the other one as it barely smudges.

    ~{*}~ I have some amazing gaming friends

    One of them was bored at work this week and decided to screen-grab a 4K resolution image of the exotic robes from the Destiny 2 competitive trailer for me. :eek:
    Warlock - D2 4K.jpg <-4K D2 warlock -sg.jpg -> This was the best quality I could get out of sheer excitement upon watching the trailer...

    NOW I CAN FINISH THE COAT :D:D:D it me, or does it have an elven look to it? The back skirt on mine won't be as short, but having access to most angles truly helps mold it all together.
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    Googly eyes are a great, cheap alternative to use for just about anything. I had to get more large craft foam sheets, and always kept a lookout for a clear shape to use for the orbs in the warlock wings. I'll post that up later as I've been alternating between Destiny - Voltron
    The public library in my city began hosting cosplay workshops with local costumers since the success of our convention back in June. While watching the livestream, that's where I found out that the girl used googly eyes for rivets and other details for things like nuts and bolts, seams, etc... it was a good tip, which now I'll be putting to good use.
    Foam wings.jpg
    I created a very simple version of Voltron's chest armour (see above), and will continue with the wings (below) once I get some food. It's a good side project to work on while figuring out the best route for keeping the warlock wings sturdy to the back. I've been using the Black Lion as reference, and sketched out a rough shape on EVA foam to make sure it'll fit for packing purposes.
    By the end of tonight, I'll have everything crafted, minus still having to alter the warlock jacket and Galra arm for Shiro. From there, it'll be a home-run to paint and add details. Almost there!
    Voltron - wing stencil.jpg
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    Warlock's wings are taking shape nicely. I bought two sizes of those wiggly eyes and carefully separated the cardboard backing from the plastic. These probably saved me a few hours of worbla molding, and they're lightweight.
    Painting took about an hour. It's not perfect, but having lost last week due to a minor work injury, everything was put on hold. I'm currently waiting for the paint to dry before gluing both sides together, and then attaching them to the wings. After this, I can finally, finally, move on to worbla.
    20991621_10154584963156230_2010014926_o.jpg 21035036_10154584963026230_1120105294_o.jpg 20993230_10154584962486230_329321357_o.jpg 21037805_10154584962406230_1476733528_o.jpg 20993551_10154584962266230_1717877254_o.jpg

    Before moving on to the worbla stage, I needed to reinforce the wings closest to the shoulder blade area for attachment, as there is some weight to these with a grand total of 5 layers of craft foam. o_O
    The seams were secured with hot glue as it needs to have strength once the worbla sets for the clips to hold.

    On the bright side, I saw this beautiful purple pendant at Michael's, so instead of painting a mold, I'll have it inside for (hopefully) a unique effect. I will be creating the pendant's exact shape as shown on the right that will cover the one on the left.
    20993407_10154584962596230_1603928157_o.jpg warlock - pendant.png

    Last weekend I formed a simple version of the Black Lion's chest piece and base for the wings. It's a great way to learn how curves and bevels work with EVA foam...and I should've known better with the x-acto blades...those do become dull after a few strokes, so I stocked up on a few packets of replacements before continuing :whistle:
    21035030_10154584963666230_14455607_o.jpg 20993567_10154584963751230_1490997582_o.jpg

    Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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    Guys, I pinned the collar part. Once sewn, I'll be able to add the final layer and finish this cursed coat! I'm deviating away from the design slightly, only for the general shape... :notworthy:
    ...the collar's made out of flag/banner material....I needed something stiff :lol:

    Bright side: everything else is sewn together! So long as I don't mess anything up, I can move on to painting by the end of the day!
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    The end is in sight! Awesome!

    What exactly will you be painting? The zig-zagged stripes?
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    mblackwell1002 Yes! The gold embellishments on the front will be painted. Any details from the waist down won't be, due to time constraints. The 6 hook pieces will be made out of worbla, and added after painting. I can see the end. :sleep:
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    Yesterday I sewed all the blue together. Today was spent pinning the purple. I'm cheating big time and decided to leave the back part open to use as a placeholder for a design if there's time. Motivation is dwindling, so I moved on to complete non-fabric items for the rest of the evening. :sleep:
    21169090_10154601322851230_1991419306_o.jpg 21169344_10154601322721230_1288566004_o.jpg 21198151_10154601322911230_166383702_o.jpg

    Btw, mugs work wonders to keep worbla smooth while heat-forming...although I nearly couldn't get it off that last time. The struggle was very real.:lol:
    On the bright side, the Galra prosthetic is completed. It just requires paint.
    21170719_10154601156736230_1124704171_o.jpg 21191169_10154601232486230_136802330_o.jpg

    At the moment, I'm currently working on the warlock bond and the Voltron wings. I ran into a problem with the warlock wings where I'll need to reinforce a section so they don't droop forward from weight. I'm probably going to be using a set of heavy duty magnets, buckles, and velcro to keep it in place. Exhaustion is plaguing me right now, but I'm continuing. If I can get these done tonight, all I have to do tomorrow is sew the coat and it's straight to painting!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
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  19. BlazedStarbon

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    Warlock bond Seal of Twin Eagles is upgraded!
    IMG_2792.JPG IMG_2794.JPG
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  20. Schankerz

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    That's one very cool arm ring :p

    It's so close to completion! THE END IS NIGH
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    Schankerz I regret so many things with this, but as my coworker put it 'You're so close, you can't not finish building.'
    Tomorrow shall be conquered!
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    Photos inbound!

    Destiny Warlock:
    (coat will be worked on all day tomorrow. Forecast called for rain, so I got everything painted tonight instead.)
    I added the old bond to show a difference of how two years of practicing with costumes will yield improved results. My projects are far from perfect, but the bond, I had to see it to really let it sink in. Finally seeing the wings painted makes me so happy. No more rainbow colours :D
    21191147_10154603649501230_233662252_o.jpg 21191157_10154603620251230_1506841316_o.jpg 21245949_10154603620346230_2046687320_o.jpg

    I've been working on a quick side project for Shiro - giving him wings :lol:
    The reason? To stand out in a very, very, large crowd. Bonus, the blue Voltron symbol glows in the dark!
    21191223_10154603620111230_2065649297_o.jpg 21191294_10154603620136230_1875462048_o.jpg 21191054_10154603620176230_1647145420_o.jpg

    - I should be able to pick up Luna's dress from the seamstress tomorrow. I'm hoping, or else there will be no room for further alterations before I leave for DragonCon. My fingers are crossed that she was able to mend it without another test-fit...I'm getting a little worried, lol. :confused:
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    Dragon*Con was so....unexpected this year. Still a lot of fun meeting up with old and new friends. Especially being able to join in on the 405th dinner. (Third time's the charm!)

    For the first time ever, I was able to take part in 3 photoshoot gatherings, and get professional photos of my Voltron costume. (I never know how to pose as I'm shy and always behind a camera myself, so I gave the photographer full reigns to do whatever) :lol:
    There's more to come, and my warlock will be an on-going process over the next 6 months. I have to stitch everything as all the adhesive tape is starting to come undone from the wear-and-tear, and heat of Atlanta.

    21742314_10155748917816457_1817764271_o.jpg Voltron.jpg

    The warlock wings got destroyed from TSA least the clear orbs, scratches everywhere, and it was just a disaster upon picking up my luggage at the ATL airport with the main zipper completely undone. They didn't have the courtesy to put the lock back on. :confused:

    One of the wings got ripped right off my back too as I was walking to the Halo photoshoot. They were secured with neoprene magnets, guerilla glue, and hot glue. This guy didn't have a care in the world...oh well. Since Destiny 2 is out and I unlocked the armour piece, I'll most likely craft the wings from scratch again, but with lighter materials and on a smaller scale.

    On a positive note, my fears over the FFXV dress were put to rest once I arrived at DragonCon. I got the dress back two days before flying out, and was still worried about the fit. Turned out I was able to wear it much longer than anticipated. It was still very comfortable despite the material being satin.

    Lunafreya.jpg 21755016_10154644182606230_307459680_o.jpg Destiny 2.jpg -> with Jemkadetchy as Cayde-6, and his girlfriend as a Titan. It's ridiculous how much footage I have of him dancing. It was so great to witness.

    A random person found me Saturday evening and asked why I wasn't still dressed as Cortana...I did not realize my face was that recognizable in my warlock getup, lol. She proved to be quite popular despite only being in the parade, so I may need to wear more Halo next year. And this kid dressed as the Didact was awesome. He's going places with future builds.. :cool:
    Cortana x Didact.jpg

    For anyone wanting: I'll link my Dragon*Con video below, and later, in the original post. It's 7 minutes long, but the second half is mostly 405th fun and Destiny dancing. (I may combine these with last year's videos that never saw the light of day...) Don't feel obligated to watch it all either. I need to reconfigure my camera's settings as most of the video tends to look 'grainy', well, to me at least. It's not as high quality as last year's due to me juggling costume props and a camera. :D

    If you do happen to watch, I hope you enjoy it for what it is. Next year I'll get back on track with proper recordings.

    After all the work I put into my warlock so far, I wasn't proud of it, yet I still felt accomplished for getting the base coat and wings functional to wear.
    All 3 costumes will be altered and enhanced over the next year for full completion. If anything, I hope I'm able to help inspire some of you along with the elite members to continue to learn and remain positive throughout your own builds. None of my costumes are perfect, but to spend a weekend with good friends is all that matters. :love:
  24. BlazedStarbon

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    Calgary Expo:

    The following projects involving foam wouldn't even be possible without all the resources I'm looked through over the years here on the 405th. So, Thank You to everyone who shares their builds and ideas for bringing their craft to life! I'm still learning after two years, yet the foam tutorials saved me for tackling all these projects below. (I'll craft another Halo costume soon, promise...)

    2018 has been a busy year, convention-wise & crafting! (I'm slowly getting the hang of these videos too!)
    Starting off with Calgary Expo 2018, simply put, it was a blast!! It was my first big Canadian convention next to Orillia, and to be able to meet so many new faces and locals from the forums, I had no shortage of fun.
    Costumes showcased: Cortana (H4), Lunafreya (Kingsglaive outfit from Final Fantasy 15)
    31961461_10156146117961070_7817138463550996480_n.jpg IMG_5094.JPG IMG_5118.JPG
    (Also had the privilege to work with Viper 466 on a photoshoot)

    DragonCon 2018 was crazy...
    I knocked out my Osiris (Destiny 2) build in two days. Never again.
    The helmet was free-handed without templates - only image references, the Sagira Ghost shell was 3D printed by a friend, and the warlock gauntlets were craft foam, metallic string, and TranspART worbla.
    I used a plain black shirt and made the belt/skirt part out of leftover fabric I already owned. I plan to fully complete this costume after the pain I went through to get this far LOL
    IMG_7002.JPG IMG_7028.JPG

    (My Hero Academia: )

    Bakugo's outfit (grenades and everything) was crafted within 5 days after spending months researching how to craft those gauntlets. (I downloaded templates from iWood Cosplay & followed his tutorials on YouTube, although using contact cement for the first time proved to be challenging, hence all the mismatched grid pieces...)
    I wanted to be a bit more flashy, so I used orange silk for the shirt 'X', & found a chameleon paint to use overtop of the green basecoat for the props. Mask is black worbla, with foam wings on the back attached via velcro for easy removable/transport. Belt grenades are 3D printed and by iWood Cosplay as well. Belt straps, boot details, pouches were all freehand using my own templates.

    Fun fact: that neck piece was free-handed too. I didn't even craft a template since I was short on time!

    Atlanta Fashion Police caught me Wednesday night, so enjoy my mugshot! :lol:
    2018AtlantaFashionPolice0Z16J.jpg 41676313_1992704330751297_6366601452185452544_o.jpg Disappointment.png IMG_6951.JPG

    Pro Hero: Hawks was a fun build (BNHA). This was the one costume that was actually fully completed near the beginning of August and wasn't rushed.
    Wings are layered out of craft foam, with the brim using EVA for longer durability and wear. Headphones are a gaming brand I got off eBay as it had the right shape I was going for. Visor was commissioned, although I plan to create my own that's more accurate to the manga. To achieve the black shirt design, I also winged the stencil with fabric tape and spray-painted over it. This is something I'll be redoing for 2019.

    If you have any questions on anything, feel free to ask!
    (Black jacket is a casual look, photos on the right are his Hero outfit)
    IMG_6964.JPG Hawks cas2.jpg HxE sitting.jpg IMG_7057.PNG

    Parade banner by Lightshot.png -> got to hold the banner during this year's parade too (it's heavier than it looks!)

    Upcoming 2019 projects:

    I hope to continue to wear Cortana in the future, but for next summer I have my sights on The Librarian. (Got an idea to execute the headpiece, but more research is required)
    Above-mentioned costumes will be revamped, and I've begun crafting a full set of wings for Hawks out of fabric/ pvc pipes.

    Mera (Aquaman) will also be a project I'll be working on over the course of winter for Katsucon this coming February, as I'll be teaming up with a friend.

    Have a wonderful end to 2018!

    Parade banner by Lightshot.png

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