Burn Baby! Burn!! Oh...the fourth grenade has been revealed

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they shoulda left the flame thrower like on halo for the pc, instead of it being in 3rd person view and lame 3 sec bursts.
Leadingspartan said:
i mean i like halo 3 and everything but its just not halo anymore it doesnt feel like it i like the spartan laser but whats up flamethrower flame gernade mauler elephant wtf?

Hey it says Halo combat evolved
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I love to play with fire. Even in RL :notme: !

But now its in Halo...man, H3 is getting better by the day...


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Sarge Christi said:
'Course, if you read the article, it says that they (the flamethrowers) aren't good against people.
What is their purpose? :Steve:
he meand he is too merciful to burn them to death. He doesn't want them to go through THAT much pain.

The fire looks good to me.

This isn't even done, I can tell comparing it to the fire in the preview.
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Spartan 109

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i just cant wait to use all the weapons...the mauler, radar jammer, the rengeneraor, gravity hammer...I just hope they put a night vision back on the sniper rifle...hell the new vehicles...the hornet...th prowler...even the elephant.

Sarge Christi

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It won't/can't be a new n00b weapon.
It doesn't do enough damage to be an effective offensive weapon.
Like someone said earlier, it's most likely there for flood control. :mrgreen:

I'll own all pyros, mauaahahah!! :dee:
who cares if it is a noob weapon imma kill u wit it, besides when u kill someone really bad they always call u a noob. and they are nerds 4 saying noob. no offense 4 yal noob users

MC Chris

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Like most said we want the Flamethrower to be able to light Warthog into fireballs of :death:

Fire+Halo= Fun!

Spartan 110

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i really want to see some one use it on some one else and see the opponent running around on fire, that would be cool


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thank god im part viet. i get halo 3 for like 50 cents and i get it like 7 days early. (2.00 dollars(american) in vietnam and you will have 1 million dollars in vietnamese money)

Spartan 110

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didnt know your part viet, me to. and i think your getting your currency mixed up, 1 USD = 16,000 VND, and i should know since i am currently in vietnam
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