C2E2 2021 Info and Roll Call: December 10-12th (Chicago, IL)


405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
Booooooo those are black out dates for UPS, may try and make the afterparty saturday, and the floor sunday, but i doubt ill be able to suit up


405th Regiment Officer
Looks like it's being delayed until the end of 2021 now.

I have to say that I sorta expected this. Though that means that it is more likely that I will be able to go (and that my suit is done).
**We are expecting our second child in early April so not sure my wife would have let me be a few hours away just a few weeks before the due date

Sierra Charlie

Jr Member
I would love to go, but unless my work schedule changes (or im able to beg, plead and barrow) I wont be able to go to this one this year. Also probably for the best, cause i proposed to my now ex fiance last C2E2 and unsure if I'll be comfortable, especially with the mercs there. If things change though, Ill post again


Freaking put me down! My brother lives North of Chicago, should be able to travel down without need for Hotels. Currently working on armor for FanExpo Dallas in September, will def have it ready before this. Ya'll are gonna have a transplant from the south coming up!

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