Call of Duty 4 vs Halo 3


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I have Halo 3, but I was hesitating for CoD4. Since I read this :

CoD 4 Won't be in my 360

Single Player

Halo 3 : 9 hours

CoD 4 : 5 Hours

I think this hurts a lot.

Multi Player

Halo 3 : Less maps, funnier maps. Saved film. Forge

Cod 4 : Stupid perks. More maps, but not that fun.

Who's the winner? :rolleyes
Chemical.Reaper said:
I think CoD wins. I've always been a huge fan of the CoD series, and I loved multiplayer on CoD 2.
CoD4 wins in terms of Multi-player. Its Much more intense, constant action, and you actually get rewarded for being skillful with more than a silly number and badge.
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As much as I love the Halo universe, CoD4: MW > Halo 3 when it comes to gameplay.

BTW, anyone who judges anything based purely on reviews is a jackass who doesn't deserve the protection of the 1st Amendment. And in any case, the article states that the campaign for CoD4 is 5 hours long on the MEDIUM difficulty setting. Anyone who's played CoD or CoD2's campaign can attest to the fact that the medium difficulty in CoD is the equivalent of the easy difficulty in Halo 3, so . . . yeah. I could probably solo Halo 3's campaign in like 3 hours on easy, so . . . umm . . . I really don't get why you pointed that out.

I'm also going to agree with Ragnarok118 on the multiplayer. The CoD4 beta was MUCH more fun than my Halo 3 multiplayer experience and the "awards" you receive in CoD4 are much more rewarding.
It's all kind of up to gameplay style preferences anyway. You have to be alot more careful in Call than you do in halo. Also Call is all about realism and stuff. so yeah
Another one of the designers here at work was yelling at me when I brought up Halo 3. he just started yelling "Halo 3 is such a shitty games it's not worth the hype, it's the only reason I bought a 360, COD 4 on the PC is SOOOOO much better". So tried to talk about the difference between PC and Console engines, he said I had no point, and also Halo 3 had shitty gfx, and Gears of War had better gfx. After I told him I actually had worked on some small assets for a small game doing textures, he just got louder. I tried to tell him that they were different games, he just started yelling how Halo 3's programmers were stupid. Then he started bitching about Bioshock, so I was just like "whatever you fuggin moron, go make your own game if you know everything".

Never played COD, I actually got sick of WW2 games, so I never got into COD, this guy also says WoW is the best game ever made... so I'll never play either of them because they both look boring and this guy is such a dousche nozzle.
Skullcandy Girl said:
...this guy also says WoW is the best game ever made...
There's your problem right there.

Also, Halo 3 feels more real to me than CoD. Just feels like you trudge along in Halo and any other first person shooter you seem to float along. Not sure if anyone will really know what I mean, but that's what I think. Gears of War is also still a very comparable game, story and graphics wise. They did some good things with that game, but I don't think I can get into its multiplayer.
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Actually both games are great in there own respects, there FPS but in different era's, CONCLUSION FOR ME is...... There both kickass!! My hubby's playin COD4 now him and his marines buddies, so our MC armor biuld has drastically slowed!! BOOOO I'm gonna kick him in his AZZZZZZZZZZ!!! (y)
I'm playing COD4 at the moment.. It's cool, but still I love me some halo 3.. I never really got into the multiplayer part of the COD series.. But, been playing ever since the original Call of Duty on the xbox.. Anyway, I'm sure I'll finish the game and end up selling it on craigslist or something LOL :lol:
Cock of duty 4 has no gore, and the online gameplay is so unrealistic and BS it's like playin viva pinjata compaired to other great titles like "gears of war" or "Halo". Halo is way better in many different ways
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