Calling all Pacific Regiment members


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Hello everyone,

Cosplay has been a big part of my free time the last 3 years or so. i've enjoyed meeting people and getting feedback on this website, getting new ideas. etc.

I am calling out to everyone in the pacific regiment who may be interested: i want to get going on my fan film.

What i have:
- Script (finalizing)
- 3 costumes
- some props
- some locations to film

- I have no cast yet
- I have no filming crew/tools
- I have no filming experience
- No editing experience

- Covenant
- Marines, spartans and ODSTs
- Good amount of props
- Large filming locations

Known possible filming locations: (would appreciate suggestions)
-Arlington (a few parks around there)
- Japanese gulch (Everett)

I have wanted to make this fan film ever since i got inspired by DaFrontlineTrooper back in my 7th grade year, so about 4-5 years ago but nothing ever happened. i have been doubted and told it cant be done but that has not stopped me in trying! I am 16 years old and do not have a major budget for this kind of stuff. which is why i ask for volunteers, i am not asking for money, i am asking for anyone who would be willing to meet up and agree on filming locations to help me get this thing made and have something we can all be proud of as the pacific regiment.

I have a thread that explains a little about my movie, but not much i believe. The film is planned to be called "CONSPIRACY" ( i want to leave halo out of it to avoid problems with 343). There is no set time period or design of costumes or weapons. It is simply a fan fiction with a mix of everything really. I want to try and make covenant possible.

I will go into further details of the movie and finish the script when i give this time and get people interested, that way i can share my ideas and get criticism and suggestions.

i cant promise a lot, but i am determined to make this happen and have my mind set of making this happen.

I apologize for the lack of a plan, but it is really just because i have had no experience in this, and have no one to make a plan with. I am simply pledging an idea. A lot of people come here and post they are doing a fan film and it is a lot of work, i would love to make this happen as quick as possible.

Here is a youtube video of me talking a little more about the movie:

Thanks for reading and i hope to hear from some of you,