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    Hey all

    So ill start off with quick bit about me. I am from Australia and I used to go by the name Autobot1995, I've now since changed it to CaminusPrime and I'm currently on Youtube and Instagram the latter being where i generally post regular updates

    Now as the title says I've been currently working on an ODST costume that i aim to have done by Sydney Supanova in June, considering I've made a decent amount of progress i thought it would be great to start up a thread now because ill hopefully posing a number of updates over the next month. I am building using paper and fibreglass for the armour, I still have about six pieces that need to be built including the back and legs as well as the crotch plate although I've already started work fibre glassing some of the pieces including the helmet and shoulders.

    **sorry for the crap quality photo's the look way worse on my pc than they do my phone, ill try to use something else in the future

    Ill post some of the photos of progress below:

    - Testing how the gauntlet fits

    - Photos of progress building the helmet
    18362825_10203457246069826_654114008_o.jpg 18378931_10203457245989824_20989819_o.jpg 18378699_10203457246549838_1767119405_o.jpg 18405407_10203457246309832_683916194_o.jpg

    - The model I used had an attachment on the mouth (I don't know the name of it) so i needed to make these pieces to fill in those areas.

    - Finished helmet
    18339417_10203457246669841_1388966553_o.jpg 18362067_10203457246029825_1831221595_o.jpg 18378699_10203457246549838_1767119405_o.jpg 18362005_10203457243709767_177176412_o.jpg

    - Fits well!

    - Everything I've built all together 18361851_10203457249149903_126846352_o.jpg 18339492_10203457249269906_1450388716_o.jpg

    - Now these pieces have all been resin coated and glassed so far 18405291_10203457243309757_2108607302_o.jpg 18339543_10203457243189754_863465064_o.jpg
    - Marked up ready to be detailed

    - Before and after view before and after.jpg

    So yeah that's my ODST build so far, Not much left to build and I plan on making a mould of the helmet, perhaps a few other the other pieces too. I have an extensive plans for an electrical kit that I'm working on so stay tuned for that.

    On top of my ODST, i also have a Halo 5 MKVI that is very nearly complete (Could even be finished at the same time as this) as well as a planned reach build.

    Over the next month I have some uni exams and work that needs to be done so that will take priority and probably the only reason i don't get this done in time for nova, which is great because nova is at the start of my six week holidays so it will definitely will be finished through that time after if not before. If it is i will totally power straight into my other two builds within those weeks!

    Anyway, thanks for checking out my build and any progress i may i shall keep it posted here!
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    ** reserving a front page post for later use
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    Very cool. Can't wait to see the finished suit. As well as the other suits that you building.
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    Thanks! I'll be sure to get some photos of them up soon!
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    Let me know how your electronics go, really want to put some in my bucket but for the life of me have no clue!
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    Will do! if you want to check out the electronics that i put in my major project build a few years ago, check out this old thread. what i do to this will likely be quite similar
    Halo MKVI helmet (from my design project)
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    Build looks sweet, very clean and nice so far. Two suits at once, wow, but hey, you got the drive for it man.
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    Im so close, i built the MK VI last year but i need to finish off a few pieces yet, and the odst is nearly done, after 2 failed attempts at the shin i finally got the scale correct and have finished a shin minus the knee which ill have done pretty soon before i start on the thigh, once each are done ill build the other side to go with it. so yeah both paper builds are close now!
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    Yay! Pepakura ODST! You're doing amazing job! :D Looking forward to see more.
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    Love the Pep stuff. So much more detailed than the foam. Haven't delved into that side of a build yet, but after seeing your amazing work, it just may be time!
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    Thank you! I will have more to show by the end of the week, I've just completed a shin after numerous attempts failing with scale haha

    Thanks! Glad to know my work can be inspiring! I'm yet to really do any foam work myself but ill actually be using foam in the chest core of the build that way I have both build methods in a sense
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    I am so very happy to see a pep based ODST build.
    I'm not the biggest fan of the DTF ones, always seemed kinda flat to me :/

    Keep at it bro. See you at Sydnova
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    Cheers bro! Ill see you there!

    P.S - DFT's model redefines the term Flattop ;) and if i hadn't gone with the amazing model i used, i would have built from kirrou's ODST model (which I'm honestly still tempted to do one day to just for the hell of doing it)
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    Alright, i know i said i would post an update on the weekend but i got a bit busy, between work and uni which i have an assignment due this Friday i managed to build a few new pieces which fit perfectly. i should manage to get the entire building done by months end. naturally next comes glassing, detailing and hopefully some moulding with casting with who knows what else i can do before the convention which is on the 17th of June.... Fingers crossed, i think i can do it but i may also be put on for more work which would impact the amount of time i can work on this thing as the only place i can actually glass and work on it is about 2 hours away.

    So the pieces I've built since the last update are:
    - Shin with knee
    - Right thigh (Still needs some touch ups and supports which I've left out so i can try out scale)
    - Front plate

    The thigh took me literally 3 hours including cutting to build so far, it probably needs another 1-2 to be completely finished. The shin i did over 2 days and both the thigh and shin are fitting very well, although the thigh is a bit tight where it wraps around my leg its not warping or anything and if i need to trim it or anything i can.

    Photos below (ill have a photo of both full legs and how they actually fit next update
    18675327_10203536548612340_1609090583_o.jpg 18676630_10203536548652341_2054104287_o.jpg 18697670_10203536547652316_678659956_o.jpg 18698851_10203536547492312_2089386255_o.jpg 18698615_10203536547412310_2033056347_o.jpg 18721212_10203536547172304_1218111674_o.jpg

    Thanks again for checking out this build! More updates soon
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    OK major text update with pictures coming in the next day from the convention. The suit is ALMOST complete. i just need to strap and pad all the pieces which have been completely fibre glassed, painted with weathering. I've also built my first ever foam piece as the chest core. I've never worked with foam before so its messy as hell but for the one day it'll do.
    It looks like ill be styling this suit like Halo 3 ODST's Buck! I just have a few more details i need to draw onto the chest once i get around to doing it tonight.
    I also need to make a basic combat knife out of foam which ill attach to the chest if i can get it done.

    Unfortunately the helmet has a ton of work left to be done, i wasn't happy with bubbled sections left from fibre glassing so I've basically cut and ripped those all open with the intention to fill them in but once i filled it in i realised i didn't apply enough hardener to the filler which has resulted in none of that filler coat staying solid. ill have to remove anything that is still gooey and keep going on it i just ran out of time unfortunately thanks to a uni exam i had coming up. I intend get it finished asap so ill keep the progress on that posted.

    All should go to plan and I'll be out at Sydney Supanova for Saturday!
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    So here's the suit I wore to supanova! I look tired as hell because i was up until 5 am the night before making sure it stayed together which for the most part it did.

    Ill attach some more photos from the convention, unfortunately i didn't take many but there was a photo shoot so I'm looking forward to getting those photos
    19238648_10203649463515142_250615789_o.jpg 19243972_10203649464755173_762349421_o.jpg 19264249_10203649468075256_991016782_o.jpg

    Fun thing i did, I'm able to unstrap the chest plate and it opens down inside it I've installed a bumbag where i held some stuff for safe keeping

    So whats next?
    This was my first suit I've ever made and its been a great experience. I'm very happy with how it turned out but there's more i want to do to make it better obviously including finishing the helmet. I'll also take that experience and put it into my next suit to make it better as well. my mobility was actually quite great in this, managed to achieve a jog at one point but ill be trimming the back of the shins down a bit and reinforcing those as they are way too thin for my liking, I'm actually surprised those survived at all.
    Ill just list everything that I at this point have planned
    - New chest piece & forearms (chest is dented and forearms aren't as accurate to the game as I'd like them to be.)
    - Reinforce shins
    - Improve strapping (needs connectors at the shoulder pads and a few other places to make the whole thing sit better, shoulders were my worst problem always falling)
    - Add padding (I actually didn't pad this suit at all (It was still quite comfy actually thanks to the under suit))
    - Add Velcro on the chest core (to allow it to be made tighter by overlapping a section, this would allow it to be taken off easier and fit way nicer)
    - Paint it with more accuracy
    - Additional details (like the clips above the chest plate and straps that go around the shins)
    - Finish helmet
    - Design and build a backpack
    - Electronics (got an insane plan I'm working on)

    Ill be working on a lot of this over the future. as far as I'm concerned this is my ODST 1.0 and I intend to improve the hell out of it and keep it well maintained so it lasts for ages. considering the possibility of even making sections able to be changed out like the chest plate and shoulders so if i make extra pieces i could potentially do other characters.

    otherwise I'm planning my next full suit as i have a bit of spare time coming up after Monday for the next month or so. I've got something big planned and I'd like to think i can get it done. More details soon. I'll probably try to keep this thread updated now and then rather than make a new thread every time i add something to this suit.

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    You look great.
    As far as upgrading and rebuilding parts, that is very normal. I know after 3 years of making suits, my husband has gone through over 6 versions of his armor. He is planning on rebuilding his again from teh ground up shortly.

    You are always learning new skills and improving techniques. Great to see another Helljumper. Soldier on.
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    Thanks! sounds like a ton of work but its all worth it in the end. speaking of new skills and techniques I'm really yet to do any decent foam work which I'm intending to start learning some decent foam skills very soon.

    And on that note, I already have a new file in mind for my forearms that is game accurate this time. Everything but the forearms was game accurate as far as I'm concerned, I suppose the helmet is based on the reach model.
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    My upgrade plan has begun. So essentially I took all my models that i used in the suit and threw them into 3D builder, scaled it all to the same size used in the suit. This is a basic colour coded plan of how it'll all look scale wise. Im happy with the scale overall, maybe bump up the hip plates and belt buckle? I actually haven't properly scaled the new forearms either. So blue is to be built, helmet is still underway of course. Red is parts that need to be redone, new forearms replacing the old. Orange is stuff that needs more work, reinforcing with glass or trimming. The only thing that is yellow is the bumbag because I just used a normal bumbag instead.

    So yeah that's the plan for the ODST in the future but I'm going to star planning something else like right now.
    2.0 upgrade plan.PNG
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    Been a hell of a while since I updated progress over on the 405th, just so much easier to post on Instagram. So I've completely overhauled my suit at least twice since posting my build initially over here. Its since been revamped for OZCC in Sydney back in September 2017 where I changed up how i had the whole thing was holding together and it looked amazing after that. Unfortunately the original helmet I was working on got ruined, way too many air bubbles and it turned out crap so I later build a new one and actually got it ready for RTX earlier this month! more on that soon but the old one I'm considering making a video destroying the thing since its beyond repair.

    Heres all 3 versions of the suit so far, Left was supanova sydney june 2017, Middle OZCC sydney september 2017, Right RTXsydney Febuary 2018:


    I actually did a photo shoot in the armour after that overhaul back in early January thanks to whereisdanielle who found some photographers who wanted some cosplayers for a shoot which was a great day and their photos turned out amazingly, Also to note i got the Assault rifle from Mawrtron who was getting rid of it and i think it works well with my suit. check these out:



    RTX was when I went into overdrive and pumped out my ODST helmet and repaired a halo 3 EVA / redvsblue meta helmet, I didn't even get to sleep before the convention after touching up the suit but it was worth it. Biscuitprops and myself even got to meet Burnie at the convention which was just awesome. Got some great photos at that convention.







    I've still got a ton i want to do to this suit before i call it done. Got myself a 3D printer and going to be touching up a lot of parts when I get more space to work with around april/may after moving.
    My current project is something else a little more Legendary which I need to get done by June supanova. Ill make a post for it eventually and ill wrap this update up here but here's a look at my current Halo 5 Masterchief build.
    If you want to stay up to date with my works check out my Instagram Caminus_Prime
    Thanks for checking out this thread! until next time.

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    looking good trooper!!! keep it going.
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