can any1 help me

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Im 14 and i need help making a mjolnir helmet or possibly the whole suit. can any1 give me pointers or make a step by step tutorial to help me!
firstly read the scaling and the scoring thread before you do anything itl save you a LOT of time. then gather some info on fiberglassing.
I'm 14 too, and welcome to the forums. You can try a program called pepakura. You can download it here:

It takes a 3D model and turns it into 2D shapes you can print out, fold, and glue together. Read the stickies, as they contain the files that you need and all the useful information:

Here's all of the files you'll need to start making your armor, you have to open them in Pepakura:

Chest and Back Pack:
Left Bicep:
Left Forearm and Hand:
Right Bicep:
Right Forearm and Hand:
Crotch and Rear:
Left Thigh:
Left Calf:
Left Foot:
Right Thigh:
Right Calf:
Right Foot:
:agree: what he said. trust me, it takes time but its so easy and worth it in the end. But one piece of advise: GO SLOW. take your time or your suit will be a like a bag of wet hammers.
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Because pepakura isnt free, you cannot save files if you modify them.

no the files are write protected you cannot edit them without permission
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All files are protected until you buy it. I've designed models myself, exported to .3DS, imported in Pepakura, and Pepakura cannot save it.
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