Can someone post this?

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hey can someone post all the parts and measurements to the halo 1 MC helmets cuz I cant download pepakura and I dont know how to get 3-D models so yeah that would be nice thx oh I will accept the halo 2 one too but I like the halo 1 better
Here's my H1 MC helmet.

I got the model from the halodev folks. You should also be able to get it on

Just search google for Master Chief .3ds

Check out the Helmet types and Comparisons thread in the Molded Armor forum for some measurements.

BTW guys- I'll be updating the comparisons thread with a few more helmets after I get back in a couple of weeks.
Anyone attempting a H1 MC suit. I would do it IMMEDIATLY because I :heart: H1 armor.
My helmet is only PHASE 1 ;-)

I've got most of the rest of the suit parts modified for pepakura. I'll post up the files if there's enough interest.
H1 Pepakura armor PLEASE!
If you seriously make a full-suit I will pepakura it soon!
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