can you be too much into HALO?

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Fragclone said:
there is never enough halo just like theres not enough starwars
tru dat

lol anyway, my friends always make fun of me cause I tend to get carried away with anything I like.
But they wont be laughing when they see my stuff finished....hehe
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oh my friends from school make laugh of me too its anoying they like halo but all becose im making an armor of mc and i have a few posters of halo in my room they call me a nerd geek or something of halo because i have those things but i play alot other games like guitar hero crysis wow nba . but still its anoying in my country halo isnt that know as in america. thats sad btw. :(

Lt Gallagher

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im an adict and i get made fun of a lot
BUT DURING THE HALLOWEEN PARTY people were affraid of me!
and during halloween night HEY LOOK ITS MASTERCHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also wore it to the x-mas purade!


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lol, nope... thats BlueRealm, making his full body mold.
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