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Hi there, I have an issue when it comes to the forearms armour for the ODST...In Armor Smith, I need to scale up the forearm in <Height> in order to have it fit my arm...But pep will of course match all the scaling and give me something that is WAY too big, To give you an idea, my lower leg was able to fit in it and still had place to move.

If I recall, the total length <Height> is 12.1 inches, But I somehow end up with the rest of the armour being too large.

Did someone have something similar happen with their armour piece?

I'm a noob in Armor Smith and Pepakura so any help will be greatly appreciated.

You will need to use Non-Uniform scaling. You can do this in Armorsmith, but not in Pepakura.

If you start reading around this post, you will see other folks working through the issue with their ODST Forearms as well:
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