Cardboard armor

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SgtOmega said:
How do you make Cardboard armor i have been looking all day on here and can not find a tut
Sorry, but no one will walk you through all the way, there is no one tutorial on how to make armor from cardboard. You just need to go with the flow and start chopping boards.

I would go with pepakura if you have the expenses of 100-200 dollars.
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Pepakura would be easier to make. Cardboard is just not flexible ... it would be a boxlike helmet ... whereas paper can bend.


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card board bends i used card board and its easy for chest and shoulders but not to much helm and evrething else


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Well, if you making a cardboard armor it wont be as good as a pep armor! But if you dont have much time and just want a smilar like armor cardboard is great! I tried to make a cardboard armor and the only thing you have to do is cutting a pice as exemple a chest plate and if it's good you can add details and make the backpack! But if it's bad (chest plate) you can just remake it untill you got it like you want it!


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Falling_Jihad said:
i wouldnt go with cardboard it kinda looks bad when finished.

Ouch man, that hurts.

Yes most cardboard armor doesnt look so pretty. (mainly because people dont take their time)

But many of them rival with molded armor or Pepakura. ;) (and are usually CHEAPER to make! :D )

So if you take your time and know what your doing, the armor will turn out great.
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