cardboard help plz!/wtb

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hey im trying to make a cardboard armor and does any one have like a pdf of like scale pieces and shapes. ill pay to i have around 150 about if i sell my paintball gun probably like 300 or so.(- thats if any ones knows a LINK for some one who sells cardboard armor.

if your mom works at walmart or so ask if theres any useless carboard boxes there not useing and ask if you can take them home thats how my mom get carboard boxes to help my sister to move so maby try asking people at walmart for carboard

awww yes first help and first post.
Go to grocery stores and ask for card board boxes, they'll give them away, but to me, cardboard looks bad, the lines will show, using cardstock is the best option.
cardboard won't look bad as long as you add a thin layer of bondo to the outside. and you won't need to sell your Paintball gun, the supplies you need can pretty much be afforded on any budget.
thanks and does any one know where to get scale drawings for the pieces because pictures dont give me a size in inches or cm's

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i didnt use in. or cm. becouse if you are building your own armor then you should probobly muesure the areas that you are building armor onto and build of of those mueserments.
by the way, you only need about $50 to build a suit out of cardboard. im in the prosses wright now and most of the mony goes into buying that fiberglass paper and resin.
I would get the peices and scale them in pepakura to your height, for me I am 5'8'' I scale mine to 24 and everything fits perfect, just scale, print, glue into card board and walla.
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