Casting mold help

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So my first attempt will be a molding of my legendary helmet. I want to somehow make a cast by applying a mold to the helmet without damaging it and then use that cast that i applied to fill with a plastic mold. Im just wondering what type of silicon should i use that wont damage the helmet and what type of plastic should i buy?


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Smooth-On makes a great brush-on silicone rubber called Rebound 25. You'll probably have to apply a thin layer of release agent (also from Smooth-On) so it won't stick and such.

As far as plastics, Smoothcast 300 is a good bet. It's got a pot life of about 10 minutes, so you can get all of the layers done in about an hour.

I'm curious though, will your head fit in the legendary helmet, or are you just looking to make copies?
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