Choosing Paint Colors Question


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So, I’ve come to a critical point in my costume my build. I’ve got enough pieces printed that I’m out of room and need to put them on my mannequin for display. In order to do that though I really want to smooth and possibly paint my suit so I need to make sure that all the paints play well together. I’ve heard good things about the Dupli color filler primer and the sandable primer so I was thinking about using those to smooth my suit. However, the colors I want to use are coming from the Montana series so I want to do some tests to make sure there are not surprises.

Right now, the plan is to use a base coat of the Montana Titanium metallic. That way I can have something that I would think looks correct when I go about paint chipping later on. A friend of mine then suggested that I use a dark green and a transparent olive to give it a sort of two-tone appearance. I’m not sure how that will work though. Would you suggest I go that route or just use a regular olive green and call it a day?
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