Chris Gold's Odst Set

Chris Gold

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Alright, I was going to wait till a little later to start posting Production Pictures but I guess I should go ahead and start getting this thread rolling!!

Name: Chris

Age: 20

Experience: NONE!!!!

First, Supplies


I made sure I had plenty of cutting tools!


Torso Front Pepped (Its sitting at an awkward angle)


Torso Back Pepped

And ofcourse I must post the mistakes that had occured during my first run!!!


Major Peices!! Tell me what I did wrong Lol!!!



If you look at them, its difficult to see but they are folded in reverse!!! Man! Was I ever mad at myself, but I am glad I got plenty of paper and Ink!

I am currently (As I type this) Scoring the Helmet peices to start building it. Will be heading out to get better super glue as Hot glue is just annoying to mess with! Any tips of any sort will be helpful, this will become my new homepage for constant updates on process, Im shooting for completion before the ODST Release! (Its a long shot but could happen)


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if you fore saw the folding backwards thing you can simply reverse your folds and fold the moutain folds into valleys and valleys into mountains

Chris Gold

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rvb18 said:
if you fore saw the folding backwards thing you can simply reverse your folds and fold the moutain folds into valleys and valleys into mountains
I didnt even know I was doing anything wrong till I looked closer at the lines... It was fine, I just reprinted and redid the folding on those peices which shows that everyone makes mistakes! if you dont, your a liar!
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nice armor, and good luck making the dealine :pI'm also trying to make some ODST armor for the release.

Chris Gold

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Update: July 11th, 2009

I finished Pepping the Helmet!!!

Here are the pictures:





I think it looks amazing in my opinion!!! Took me 4 days to fully pep it using KrazyGlue Super Glue (Purple Color Change Brush On) and some electrical tape.

I will begin Resining the Torso and Helmet either tomorrow or Monday and I am starting pepping the chest add ons and arm peices!

Chris Gold

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Update July 13th, 2009:

The knee is completed and will be resined tonight!




I will be using these as test samples since they are very easy to produce, I will use them to get use to resin and the other materials which I bought yesterday!


I just wanted to do an update so that people can see how fast a production can be done with dedication!!!

Shaymin Sky

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looks good so far! although your username confused me into thinking you were going to paint a GOLD odst. Still looks awesome though.

Chris Gold

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Im still trying to determine what color I should paint it. Like I think Gold would look good or the original color... I dunno!!!


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This looks great for your first Time!!!! and I think you should paint it the regular color, otherwise when you go to the release only hardcore fans like us will know what you are supposed to be.....I just think a gold paint job would throw simpler minded fans know?

Chris Gold

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Quick Update!!!


Notice the imperfections due to my freakin large hands!!! So hard to fold small corners!

One Hip Plate has been completed, as I type this I am working on getting the second one ready for Resining!!! I should have the first peices in which I have completed resined before the weekend is over!


Off Topic Picture!!!


My dog was staring at me as I was writing the post so I took a picture!

Chris Gold

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Alright so as I had said I was going to Resin something! I did and it came out good!






Knee Pads are great looking no warpage and I will be working on the torso and helmet here today and tomorrow. Peices are getting resined upon completion now as it will move much faster!

Please give helpful advice on sanding and stuff! I need help on that!

Edit: I also have a question about the helmet in itself. How do I know if the helmet is sized right? Currently my nose rubs against the helmet visor on the inside when I put it on! Should I redo it with larger measurements? HELP!


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Looks really good so far. 20 years old eh? That wasn't an open beer I saw in the one pic was it?
I'll try to keep quiet about it.
lookin great man, i'm 21 an hopin to start makin my first armor set as well. wish me luck!

i wish i had a ton of patience for something like this.... so i need alot of wishing of the luck.

an silly dog, made me giggle.
Looking good man, and its good that you made the mistake :D cause now i won't. Lol, But it looks great all the same, and as you said everyone makes a mistake... I also thought your dog was dead :eek but then dogs do a good job looking dead.

Cheers, Dave.

Chris Gold

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Sorry for the lack of updates, i had lost my interest in building the armor as I came to the conclusion it would be done by September 22nd, but I am hard at working on it again! I am redoing my helmet as I know the original wont fit after finishing it up. Hopefully Ill have everything pepped here soon!