Circuit Designer?

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Long Shot said:
What is the power source voltage and how many LEDs are you using?

Well, I was planning on running it off of two Duracell 9V batteries. To stay accurate, I'll be using four LEDs (two on each side).

Actually, they're not LEDs, but blue snap-in lamp assemblies. They're 12V with 10,000 hour lamp life, made by NexxTech (I couldn't find any super-bright LEDs at The Source). Besides, I don't want to be blinding people as I walk around, lol.

I figured a difference of 3V between the lamps and the batteries wouldn't adversely affect thier operation.

Since I'll be using two 9V's, I may operate the lamps off of one, and the two fans (which are 12V DC) off the other. Should I maybe rethink the power source I'll be using? o_O
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PillowFire said:
ok, I am just wondering, does anyone here know how to create schematics for electronics?

Because I have some knowledge as I am taking a course in school on digital electronics, so I should be able to design functional circuits and such if anyone wants, I say this here because, A: I need practice, and B: I would be helping out the community at the same time.

So if you want me to make a circuit for, say, a fan starting up with certain conditions, post here.

Example: a fan that will automatically start blowing when the temp gets to 70 degrees F, for inside a helm.
in reply to that i know how to do that, we did it as a project in school, its a fan that turns on when it gets warm, and you can change when it turns on, ill see if i can find it.
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