Cirkob5477's dual H3 Marine build!


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So, me and a friend of mine decided to make some marine armor because it's not that hard and won't take that long. So I woke up, he came over, we gathered our stuff and walked to his house (he lives down the street). We worked from 12:30 to about 9, and we actually got some decent progress. We're also going to build a Reach M6G, a silenced SMG, a combat knife and maybe a DMR, then to duplicate them we'll mold them on the cheap with the silicone caulk and plaster and cast them in rondo or some plastic we could get.
After countless displacements, we got some serious work going and this is where we're at about the 9 hour mark.

There's our first shoulder, which we'll mold and cast out thrice; for my armor, I'm going to make an ODST CQC shoulder by Jimmy Da Moose. I'll resin it tomorrow

Pretty much where we're at with the magnums


A picture with the template we've made

Our workspace

To build the weapons, we're using Marshon's way and consulting it on the way. Good job on it, it's great help!

Next is the combat knife!


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Thanks man, good luck to you too!

Anyways, I've got a little update... I've been working on the combat knife and I've got the sheath pepped, the knife itself is on the way... quick pic in a few

Right here!


The blade is a bit warped though

Sgt Freezer

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Thats the one thing I hate about pepping weapons, they warp so easily. Are you going to fix the warping with bondo or resin?


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Yeah, I obviously will :p
After I'll pour the resin into it, I'll spread bondo on it and dremel it out
I'm almost done with the knife, and I'm just going to say that the sheath came out waaaaaaaaay better than this. It's warped everywhere, bla-bla and stuff.... So I have to fix it :p


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Okay, so mini update; Knife's done but I'm leaving the last piece on the bottom of the hilt out so I can pour the resin in. Here are some pics





Youre doing some pretty slick work here. Can't wait to see things resined, and the knife and sheath peps are looking really clean. Good work, can't wait for more updates!


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Thanks guys, but to be honest the only good pep was the sheath, because the blade is slightly warped and the handle is severely warped