Cisrox's First ODST Build


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Hey guys! I've known about this place for a while but I haven't had a job up until recently so I can finally now get into building a costume. I've been researching stuff and I'm going to get started eventually, right now I'm gathering all the supplies and tools and safety gear I'll need to get started. I'm gonna ask questions here and post updates of my progress! My first question is.. can someone recommend a printer that can handle 110 lb cardstock? Thanks :)


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Nice hope it turns out good for you. I just started my build 3 days ago. E1BEF490-4723-491C-B41D-B9EC3D458FED.jpeg


Just wanna put out there that if you don't use your printer often then an inkjet one might dry up. At least in my experience. I use a laser printer and haven't had that experience yet.


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Alright so my dremel, x-acto knife, respirator with organic vapor cartridges and mini hot glue gun arrived, and on saturday the printer and cutting mat are coming, so I can get started then


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Good luck, in the mean time. I would highly suggest scaling your armor to your body so that you don't have to do that first. the files might not fit you by default. I think the only thing I didn't need to modify by luck was my helmet. but thats the only pepping I did, the rest is foam.

Look into armorsmith designer ($30 usd)
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I bought armorsmith and the rest of my stuff came, I started roughly putting everything into place (I haven't scaled anything yet) but I have to go to work so this is what I have as of now, tomorrow afternoon I'm gonna get each piece in the exact right spot and start scaling stuff to be perfect



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I love seeing new ODSTs on here ! Good luck on your build man :). Post lots of pics, ask questions (better to ask and learn than to learn from a mistake later), and work with pride. If you start to loose focus on your build, take a small break and come back. Also, armorsmith is great and pretty user friendly as you have seen haha.