clay and armour making

How to make a helmet?

  • Make a hollow helmet?

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  • Make a solid helmet?

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hey everybody hows it going....i was wondering

if i was gonna make a hollow clay helmet and not a solid one to make my real helmet ...
would it only take like 10 pounds to make maybe?

i was also wondering if liquid plastic and silicon costs alot?
how much clay would i need to make the main amour ?
and do i NEED a manican or whatever to build the armour around or could i use something else?

thanks for the help everyone ..I greatly appreciate this :hyper:

sorry if these questions bug people as well i couldnt find them in the forum :roll:

no i wasnt onna make the helmet out of clay i was gonna use i as a mold ...then make i out of liquid plastic....
What you do is buy a full size maneuinn head and use that before you start sculpting your clay. That way you know if it's the right size, and which part goes on which side. and it will save you lots of clay.
ok so your saying it wont be 30 pounds if i use a hollow mold then? and thanks for the hint

will it also be lightweight if i use liquid plastic for the final product?

how would i silicone the mold? do i pour it over manican head and all?
You'll still want to get about 30 lbs just to be sure. We'll talk about silicon when you've got your sculpt/pattern done.
ok Thank you soooo much Adam i dont know where i would be without your site haha...great help .....i should be getting ten pounds tomorrow hopefully so i might just work on the gloves and hip buckle things like in your tutorial ....thanks alot Adam

any special tools or anything or?....
i dont know gonna have to trust adam with this one he says hollow ....but thank for the sujestion :roll:
where would you get a manequen head thingy? And do you just sculpt around it or what. The helmet is my only problem with my SPI project.
looks like im gonna have to go dumpster diving behind walmart to find one ;-) but truely i dont know where to find one haha... or where im going to get so much money to buy all this ....because im not able to buy the other supplies from Smooth-On seeing as how they only ship stuff in the United States...
yea i hope hes on soon very eager to get my project on its way


i DO believe that some stores throw out overstocked or un-needed things such as maniquins and mp3 players and whatnot so i might be able to find one:D :hyper:
what would be the best clay to use? i know a micheals close to me and theres premo sculpey and sculpy 3 but premo is cheaper? its like $2.99 for 2 ounces!!! thats soo expensive... any help would be appreciated
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