clay helmet?

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yeah if u have the right moulds and all that stuff i would talk to bluerealm or sean or link bout that tho, not sure but i know at least 1 of them dose that kind of stuff and can help u out with that , i think bluerealm made adams helmet, talk to him

no, i dont mean molding, i mean like taking a glob of clay and cutting into the shape of a helmet
You could use super sculpy (you can get it at the hobby stores)... Then bake it.. It would be semi hard... But if you ever bump it too hard or drop it, it will break pretty easily. It might be kinda heavy as well.
ok just a warning. from experience with this issue i did actually make a helmet sculpt out of clay and was able to wear it too. however the helmet weighed in around 14 lbs. and it did not feel too good on my cranium ill tell you that much. basically if you want to have a neck injury i saw go for it. but because of the fact that it will indeed be heavy if not too heavy i suggest not doing that.

but i would suggest actually molding your sculpt when you're done. im making another helmet that fits the halo 3 requirements and details out of clay and then molding it and casting it. easier in long me

EDIT: not only that but you would also need about 30+ lbs of clay to get the appropraite size for the convention sized melon
I sculpt as part of my living. I would not suggest using clay as your wearable piece. It wont last, if dropped will deform or break apart, melt in the heat and the worst case scenario, become a part of your hair ;)

For creating a master mold, yes.
:agree: with the three posts above me.

Clay is only useful as a molding medium in armor making, not as a finished product. Even Super Sculpey is a bit too brittle for making armor... even if you could afford enough to make a full suit or helmet.

The techniques that we have put forth in this site have been tested, refined, and utilized by propmakers for years... You don't need to re-invent the process, just learn from the instruction we're giving you on how to make armor using the methods already presented.
once again though, even with a thick coat of resin it wouldnt last. it may last for trying it on but after maybe two times wearing the suit and the pieces chafing and bumping together you would have shattered pieces that are coated in resin.

now if you were to somehow make a mold of the clay sculpt using fiberglass and resin and somehow manage to get a cat from the mold that may work. however i would highly stress not to use clay as the actual pieces. they will break......its happened to me long before i discovered this site
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