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Spartan 270

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Im probably gonna be making a halo 3 spartan costume too after i finish the spartan laser im working on. probably gonna paint it dark tannish like in that one halo 3 preview with all those ships and that giant artifact thing with the laser coming out. That color of the Chiefs armor is what I'd use.

Darth Malevelus

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Im looking at making mine the same color as the costume worn in the H3 trailer, kind of a white washed greenish/grey color. with all the appropriate weather of course.


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Spartan 061 said:
Wait a second, you know of my secret working Plasma Rifle? Grr. :eyepatch: Jk!
ooh...imagine the possibilites... :gun4:
At least you wouldn't have to cook whatever part of the deer you shot with it! lol
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master chief is a little green/sage thats what im using on my armor and i have a color called (The little green box) its reall good.
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