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Has any thought of making some of the halo Concept armor? I found these in one of my old magazines ("ultimate guide to halo 2" march 2005) THought that they looked pretty kool.

yeah the concept armor is cool, has anyone ever created the concpt armor? they have the evolution of Halo video you might be able to get some cool ideas or something from that, although its all similar to those pics u posted
I'm Going to try

I'm going to try to make a concept armor i want to make the tankish one does anyone have any more pictures of that one or could tell me where to get them it would me much apperaciated or however you spell that !?!?!
It would be a cool project to make the tankish helmet. In fact, I think I will make it a project. :shifty ninja:

If anyone has any other reference pics for this post them please!
More pictures in the book

does the ultimate guide to Halo 2 have any more pictures of the tankish armor could you give me a link to somewhere I can get it
JediFraz said:
You could start with Halo1 armour and build up on it.

Already there, I'm modifying the in-game Mark V, then I can try the papercraft designer. Might as well make a Mark V helmet while I'm at it :hyper: . Will make a new thread on the subject as soon as I get a little further along.

More reference pics please!

Frizzlefry- we're talking about the semi-bulky yet awesome armor drawn in pencil at the beginning of the thread
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I noticed that the main body has a slightly different helmet. It has the tubes on the side while the larger sketch has the Mark V style vents. Going with the more Mk V styled one. :mrgreen:


I like it

I really like the bulky armor it would provide more space for extea goodies like speakers and storage compartments mabye even a computer or something im sure you guys can thing of tons of stuff for it you're creative people right??-------Right??

(I hope so or else they shouldn't be making armor) ;-)
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