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Ok becuase i was reading some post and people have been saying their first helmet was like 3x as big as their head or somthing, and i was thinking, i should make a giant helmet and have everything else small so like a bobble head costume, or just make the helmet big, whatever, probabally as big as spaceballs helmet lol, ummm so im gonna do this, think it will be finny or not to have a giant MC head on halloween.
thats exactly what i did with my pepakura helmet. It was so huge on my head, when i wore my old armor with it. My brother said i look like a bobble head masterchief. LOL. But ya, go for it. Its hilarious.
I've often thought of using the Pepkura patterns to make a life size or larger than lifesize statue of the chief.

Thats really whats so awesome about Pepakura, that you can really do anything with it, as long as you can get a 3-D model, you're only limited by your imagination.

Bobblehead Chief! That would be awesome, go for it!
Heh... yeah, that would definately be a sight to behold; it would be different, unique. Like everyone else here, I say go for it! Good luck! Keep us updated on your progress... ;-)
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