Brainstorming an Idea: Steampunk Armor Build

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I've been rolling this idea around in my head for a little while and figured this is a mature enough idea at this point to kick out to a larger audience to bounce ideas and thoughts off of.

In looking at ideas to put into play for a build sometime after first of the year (moving in the next couple of weeks to a new apartment and work is always chaotic for me this time of year since I don't really celebrate any of the December holidays), I keep coming back to thinking it'd be unique to do a full on steampunk armor build using the Eaglestrike core from Infinite as a starting point. I know diesel punk and steampunk are different styles, but I needed a jumping off point to start from.

For helmet, I'm leaning into a Kerbos merged with the plague doctor helmet hooded helmet from the Mythic pass in MCC with ventilator tubing, valves, and gauges running to a "filtration pack" on the back. Realistically, I'd probably have this set up as part of a cooling system and maybe an audio system. Might use the backpack for batteries. Who knows, this is me rambling off ideas at this point.

Idea wise, I've been scrolling through image searches, Etsy, and previous forum posts here for inspiration on where to start for the arms and torso. Haven't made it to the waist or legs yet. I've seen a few things on Etsy and here that are giving me ideas, gauntlets, shoulder pads, helmet accessories, and bandoliers for attachment points. Suggestions for other sources to pull inspiration from?

With the nature of the steampunk aesthetic, I'm figuring most of this build with favor foam/leather over 3D printing for the most part for more of the armor parts. I know for the gears, knobs, and handles, 3D printing might be to my favor of I can clear the dust off of the part of me that hasn't touched CAD in almost a decade. Piping, tubing, and such, I figure the local hardware store will be my friend.

For folks who have dabbled with steampunk outfits in the past, what's been some of the constraints and cons of what you've built? What are the pros and cons of leather vs. foam worked up to look like leather?

Looking at some of the constraints I have on this, I don't know how practical and/or safe working with foam will be in an apartment or out on a patio/balcony. I'm guessing a lot of this will be favoring wind direction for fumes and ventilation. Painting wise, I'm really only able to hand paint larger parts at my apartment. I've used spay cans on smaller things with the parts in boxes to catch overspray but that doesn't really work too well with larger parts. The only times I'm able to spray paint parts is the handful of times a year I visit my family out in a rural area.

I'm going to start working drawings and mockups of the idea in the coming weeks to post up once I start refining ideas of what I've got running through my head. Will see if I can get the helmet down by end of this week as a starting point.
For fumes, always always wear a ventilator, whether gluing, grinding or painting! Then you just need an area with decent ventilation like a few open windows. I have a garage I do painting in, or if the weathers nice set up some saw horses outside, but I saw Kamuicosplay has a neat indoor setup for painting you can take inspiration from. I've not worked with leather, but I think the limiting factor with it is cost. As for the rest, it would be super cool to see a steam punk spartan! Take inspiration from MCC armor, infinite, concept art, deviant art drawings etc. and you can always pen your own designs too!
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