cooling fans question


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hey i'm new to the forums and i'm almost done building my pepakura's but i have a few questions

how do you attach the fans to the batteries (i'm going to use small computer fans unless there's another way to do it)? because most computer fans come with the 4 or 3 pin sleeve connectors. do you cut the connector off? also what kind of battery boxes (like you see in most toys) would you use?

also what kind of batteries are best to use for this?



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You need to cut the connectors off the fan and solder them to the proper leads (- to -) (+ to +) .For mine i used a 9.2 volt rechargable battery (bought a used rc truck from salvation army thrift shop for 4 bucks pulled the battery and charger out).Ive wired 4 leds and a 12 volt cpu fan in tandum (reduces the need for resistors) it will run all for almost 24 hrs continuosly on a single charge.i have a separate switch for lights and fan.