Cortana Memory Crystal Chip - HD Build


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Of course now that I tell you that, I haven't been able to log onto Photobucket all morning and none of my pictures are showing up on my threads. :facepalm
Photobucket's servers tend to be a bit glitchy and slow, but at least they've got a decent user-interface that works (when their servers are cooperating).


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Build Update:

Photobucket is down, so excuse the thumbnails.

Fit Testing:

The newly printed parts with expanded tolerances fit all the internals very well. I couldn't resist a small function test. The plastic coating is still on the lexan:


Lexan Design:

So my plan, so far, has been to use two pieces of Lexan as the center crystal. However, I want to give it a little detail and some eye candy in the center. That is where this comes in:


Sorry for the glare, but you get the idea. Using Illustrator, I designed a graphic that closely resembles the pattern found here:


And laser printed it on the transparency, reducing the opacity each time. You can see the square where I am supposed to cut. I will try all my options and see which gives the best compromise between lighting and visibility.


I would like to etch the Lexan, but haven't found a good way of doing that fine a detail level without hand scratching it. I'll wait and see how this looks.


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You might look into Lazer engraving, just a thought. It looks dang good. Nice work
That would be my next route, but for now I am trying to do everything "In House". We will see how it looks. Then again, it might be nice to own a laser engraver...


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Build Update:

It will be a busy weekend with work, so I tried to get a bit done today.


I wanted to build some sort of dock/plinth for the Memory crystal to reside in. Looking through all the reference material I could find, there really isn't a specific look to the units used in the game. So I made my own.
Working from a couple pictures I came up with this:

Base Final.jpg

The Pink piece to the side is a cable clamp for the underside, and the blue piece to the far right is the dock portion removed, for an easy test fit.

I broke the base into pieces for better printing:

Base Final Pieces.jpg

The green piece is the central column that hold the usb extension cable for docking. From underneath you can also see the tubes that lead through the protrusions on the top surface. I may decide to add LEDs to the base, and I wanted to leave myself the option.

I am going to attempt to print this over the weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.


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Build Update:


I got a lot more printing done today than I thought I would. Some family plans canceled and I ended up getting the whole base printed. First I printed the Docking test piece. I wanted to make sure the chip fit right before I started a really big print.


Fits Like a glove:


The I printed the internal pieces that nobody cares about:



Then it was time to print the base. I used a fairly large brim since the bottom cross section is so small.



And finally, the top piece:



I've started sanding and filling the final chip pieces, Probably one more good pass, then cleanup and paint.


I've also started sanding on the base. I printed the base at a .2mm layer height, so it is not as fine as the chip. A little more elbow grease may be required.



Nothing major here, I just did a quick test shot on two non-sanded reject pieces to see how the color comes out and to give me something to practice on. I'm liking the gunmetal color on top. A little weathering and I think it will be good.


Anyway, sorry for all the pics, but things have been moving along.



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Build Update:

Sorry for the delay. It is Mardi Gras Season here in New Orleans and work in crazy. I've been out of town on work, so not a lot has happened on the build front. However:

Friggin Lazer Beams:

So... this happened today...



I wasn't happy with the transparency printing route, so I said "What the Hell" and called up a buddy and did this today. You might notice I made extras. The Lexan is a slightly different thickness than what I was using previously. I'll have to see if that will work, or if I'll need to do ANOTHER reprint. Learning valuable lessons I suppose.


I haven't had much time to work on surface finish this week, but I did manage to get a rough sand and a test fit of the base done. I think I will like having this on my desk.


That is it for now I suppose. I will be stuck out of town for a few more days, but then I plan to start painting and knock this project out. Time to move on to bigger and better things.



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Thanks, I finally have all the parts gathered, now I just have to find the time to put it all together and paint. I'll definitely be able to make extras when I am done. Maybe I will send them out as unpainted kits.

I can't believe how epicly amazing it is.
Remember, if you don't want it - I'll kindly accept it <3


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This is such a rad idea. I can't wait to see where this goes. My dream helmet has this being slotted in the back hooking into a raspberry pi which autoruns some Cortana glitch videos or something into a HUD in my visor. Very excited to see the progress of this! Very cool concept.


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