Cost of pepkura weapons?

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Well I think im going to use pepkura from now on since people keep saying my weapons look like blank, even though I think there really nice compared to alot of other stuff people say is fantastic. So I was wondering what the average cost of a pepkura with 110lb cardstock (This is the type right?) bondo, and paint.

Also, what do you use to bondo things? I dont want to keep wasting paint brush's since the bondo hardens on them, so what do I use? Napkins or something?
Well, I paid 14 dollars for resin and 40 cents per brush and finished my whole set of Halo marine Armor with like 6 brushes. As far as I know, throwaway brushes are your best bet. Just get em at Home Depot or the dollar store. It's worth it. Dunno about bondo though, that's more for smoothing the whole thing out once you resin.
Yeah, Bondo isn't applied with a brush. Resin is. Bondo is spread on because it's putty, and once it hardens, you sand it down to a smooth perfection.

Although, there are some really good Pepakura models for weapons coming out. You may not even need to Bondo them. Check out Robogenisis' model site. I would say that one of his models, resined for strength, maybe fiberglassing the insides too, and then just sanding that down would look pretty slick. No Bondo necessary.
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